It’s all about me…

I can’t believe the end of the season is almost here. I also can’t believe that I haven’t updated this site in over two months! It isn’t like I haven’t had anything going on; it isn’t like there’s nothing to talk about. I’ve raced multiple times since my win in Forsyth; so many times I’ll probably end up recapping several races in one post. But first I need to clear something up…

I forget who made the following comment, maybe it was several people, but the gist of it was “Your website is all about yourself…”

It got me thinking. I started thinking that maybe I am too self centered on my site. Maybe my site is egotistical and I come across as arrogant.

After further contemplation, I’ve come to the following conclusion:

“It’s my website dammit! I can do what I want with it!”

Really though, I’ve looked back through my posts and while it is true that all the posts are about me, I’ve tried to cover a variety of topics besides my athletic endeavors. I’ve discussed homemade video projectors, VW vans, and made fun of my camping abilities. I’ll continue to do my best to have a variety of topics and make the site a better destination, but the bottom line is, it’s all about me…

posted at 21:47:16 on 10/05/05 by Tony Rigdon – Category: General


Trish wrote:

Tony doll, yes it is all about you, but that’s what we love about it! You are my superhero!
10/06/05 04:36:20