24 July

This Blog is Going Bye-Bye!

It's been around for awhile. I just checked, my first post was just under 5 years ago! I'm going to keep blogging, hopefully a little more frequently. New address: http://triathleteguru.blogspot.com/ which has an RSS feed. The RSS feed will be feeding content to the front page of http://www.triathleteguru.com. This site will remain for the time being as an archive of my past posts...
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27 June

What your cable provider won't tell you!

Unless you've been living in a cave, you've probably heard something about the government mandated switch to all digital for over the air broadcasting. At first I didn't care that much about the switch until I saw two things, the incredible clarity of a digital channel versus a standard analog signal, and the new channel that became available (Columbia, MO area) via the new digital signal, Universal Sports channel which carries quite a few triathlons, bike races, and other sports I enjoy seeing.

I subscribe to basic cable through MediaCom, not a ton of channels, but I'm not willing to pay any more to get more channels that are just going to waste more of my time. But, if I'm going to take the time to watch TV, I want to see the best picture I can which means I really want to get HDTV! After deciding I was willing to pay a little more per month to get basic cable in HD, I found the following on MediaCom's website: "Mediacom customers who have an HDTV with a digital tuner can receive their local broadcasters* in HD at no additional charge." Hmm, no additional charge sounds great to me! However, after plugging the coaxial cable into my HDTV input on my TV and rescanning the channels, I still had no HD channels! Granted, I get a few channels occasionally by using amplified rabbit ears, but it's spotty at best and Universal seldom works.
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24 June

New Running PR!

Well, it isn't really much of a PR, but I've got to go all the way back to 2004 to find my last documented PR in running! Back then I started out the year running a 3:06:39 marathon in Houston and then ran a 17:23 5k four months later, here we are more than 5 years out from that and still no new PRs!
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13 June

Personalized Facebook Link...

Well, the nerdy side of me won tonight and I found myself logged into Facebook waiting for the countdown until I could pick my personalized, unique link to my Facebook profile. What did I choose you might be wondering? This is Triathleteguru.com, so what else would I do?

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01 May

This year versus last year...

TriZou is this weekend, formerly known as Race for Sight. Last year I was the 5th overall age grouper, it was probably my best performance of 2008. By this time last year I had won four races, run 2 half marathons in just over 1:25, and run a 3:08 marathon, qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Comparing that to this year, I've also run two half marathons this year, both of them 8 minutes slower than my two last year! [Read More!]
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29 April

USAT National Duathlon Championships - 4/26/2009

At the beginning of the year I had put this race on my calendar and had mentioned it to several other racers including my friend Delbert Marriott. However, once I decided to go to Indonesia, I changed my mind about doing it for both financial and training reasons. So, while I had originally planned to do this race, the actual decision to enter wasn't made until 17 days out when Delbert talked me into it. [Read More!]
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23 April


Once again, I'm several months out from my last post! Not that I haven't been busy, I am still working on the house, slowly making progress but have a ways to go yet. Haven't posted many new pictures in a while, but there are over 400 photos here: House Re-do Photos

The other big event in my life in the past two months was a trip to Indonesia to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and my three nieces and nephew. I headed over there on March 18th and came back on April 1st, an awesome trip to say the least! Here is a fairly extensive recap of the first half of the trip (see the end for a link to photos):
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