Kansas City Stinks…

Hmm, that title might upset some people, but I must say driving through Kansas City twice this past weekend upset me more. Each time I went through Kansas City, the stupid signs on the Interstate made no sense. I’ve driven in just about every state in the nation and the roads in Kansas City and for that matter, all of Missouri are some of the worst. So maybe it isn’t really Kansas City that stinks as much as it is MODOT…
22:34:02 – Tony Rigdon

1st Multisport Event of the Season was a Belly Flop!

I should have known things weren’t going to go good when on the morning of my first mtn. bike race ever, I was getting ready to ride off road for the first time in over 10 years. Since it wasn’t my best event, I really don’t want to spend too much time writing about it. I had wanted to get to the race site the evening before with enough time to ride the course, however by the time I figured out where the race started, it was getting too dark.

I spent the night sleeping in the back of my truck, or at least trying to. However, I woke up cold around 3am and didn’t sleep any more after that. I finally got up at 6am and once I got everything ready to race, I decided to try out the bike course. In the first 2 or 3 miles I rode, I fell about 5 times. It was single track trail with large rocks embeded in the trail. I probably had too much air in my tires, they were at 65psi, and they should have been around 50 or 45. I also think my seat my be a little too low. Bottom line, on the 5th fall I jammed my thumb and slightly re-injured my fragmented trapezium. That along with my bleeding and bruised shins were enough to make me decide this wasn’t looking like the best idea ever. Since I’m a decent runner, I knew I could be in the top 10% or so after the first run. So that also meant there would be a lot of better mtn. bikers behind me. I had a hard enough time riding the course when it was just me, I didn’t need to be out there in the middle of a race…

So I rode back to the race site, loaded my bike in the truck, and headed to the race start. I figured I would at least do the first two mile run and get a little something out of the whole trip.

Even the run didn’t go as well as I thought it would. The first 1/2 mile or so was on the road, I went out hard and was 4th when we got onto the trail. I probably went too hard and once we started going up and down some steep hills my legs felt like rubber. We came up to a creek crossing and after jumping across I tripped or my legs just gave out or something… anyways, I ended up doing a belly flop which pretty much summarized the whole experience.

Looking back, I wish I had done the ride. I should have run, taken a 10 or 15 minute break to let all the good riders get ahead of me, and then headed out just for the experience. Instead I took a shower and headed home…

posted at 23:57:02 on 03/12/07 by Tony Rigdon – Category: Race Reports


Marilyn wrote:

Hey Tony, Sorry that it didn’t go as you had hoped. Sometimes you just need to fold your tent and go home. I think that you made the wise choice. Good luck in your next race.
03/13/07 09:57:40

Brad Earnest wrote:

You are a stud! Thanks for the update – it’s nice to know that you fast guys suffer too (: Good luck with the 07 season!
Brad E
03/13/07 11:51:44

Adam Beston wrote:

I was wondering if you used toeclips and your running shoes or clipless bicycle shoes and your reasoning, if any behind it? PS I did update my website (mainly results and training log, at your suggestion.
03/14/07 17:14:41

1st Multisport Event of 07!

It’s here, my first multisport event of the year! This Saturday I’ll be doing a mountain bike duathlon in Lawrence, KS. Last year my first multisport event didn’t turn out so well. If I get hit by a car while doing a mountain bike duathlon, I’m quitting the sport! There is one slight problem though, I don’t have any wheels for my mtn. bike. They’re on the way and should be delivered tomorrow. Unfortunately, it looks like my first real ride on the mtn. bike is going to be a race…
15:09:00 – Tony Rigdon