Bad Scare…

I almost lost the ability to update this site today. It all started when I decided to update my email address. I had noticed that I wasn’t getting any type of notifications when people posted comments on the site (not that I get many… more about that later). When I saw that I still had my old truman email address in the settings, I went ahead and changed it. This is when things went bad… I was automatically logged out of the Admin Area, and was presented with a message saying “an activation link has been sent to your email”. Problem with that is I never got the email!

To make a long story short, I was finally able to login to my website’s control panel and access the MySql Database where I was able to find a secondary account I had and give it Admin rights. After this I was able to go in and fix my main account. Phew…

12:18:25 – Tony Rigdon

Time to get rolling again…

Holidays = weight gain!

This is the first time I’ve had this much of a problem since I started in 02′. I knew I would gain some weight, with the Achilles problems I’ve been having causing me to cut out most running, it was inevitable. But this morning when I stepped on that scale and it measured over 15 lbs above my season low, I decided enough is enough!

I don’t look in the mirror and think “I look fat”, quite the opposite, I know I could stand to bulk up a little if I wanted to look better. For me it is strictly a performance issue, less weight = less required watts for me to go fast. So until I’m back to within 5 lbs of my target pre-season weight, no more alcohol or sausage biscuits…

On the postive side, I ran 9 miles off road at Rockbridge on Monday and 6 miles Tuesday with the Tuesday morning group with my Achilles feeling just fine. I should get in around 30 miles runnning this week which will be the most I’ve done in a real long time…

12:19:02 – Tony Rigdon

Shorter entries, more often…

I’m not real happy with the job I’ve been doing maintaining this site. I primarily post long race reports or other long articles, very infrequently. The main reason for this is it takes me a while to write them, an hour or so. I think a better approach would be to write shorter stuff, more often. If I know I can write something in under 15 minutes, I’ll be more likely to get started, rather than putting something off because I know it will take me an hour or longer… We’ll see how this works out.
12:04:57 – Tony Rigdon

A+ Certified!

I bought my first A+ study guide back in 2000, I was working at St. John’s hospital inventoring computer systems which was a temporary job. If I wanted to stay on full time I needed to become an A+ certified computer technician. Instead I choose to head to Truman State University to finish up my Computer Science degree. Of course while at TSU I ended up working full time as a “Technical Support Specialist”, basically the same job they wanted me to have an A+ certification for in Springfield.

The original A+ certification test I studied for was revised in 2003 and another revision was released in 2006 which is the version I finally decided to take and have passed successfully. Two tests, each $155 plus several books over the years, probably about $400 invested into this certification. Next on the agenda, Network+ certification which I’ve signed up to take on January 4th. Hopefully I’ll be posting in a week or so that I’m also Network+ certified…

See CompTIA for more details.

21:26:14 – Tony Rigdon

05 Season Recap…

More to come later, for starters, here are my 05 results:
Jan 30th Groundhog Run 5k 5/50 AG 0:17:51
Feb 27th New Orleans Half Marathon 46th Overall 1:26:12
March 12th St. Patrick’s Day 5k 2nd Overall 0:17:33
March 23th Tom Daly 4.5 Miler 1st Overall $50
April 9th Jay Dix 5k 3rd Overall 0:18:26
April 23rd United We Run 5k 1st Overall 0:18:03
May 7th Sean Martin Memorial Duathlon 2nd Overall
May 10th Body Mechanix Duathlon Series #3 1st Overall
May 22nd Memphis in May Triathlon 11/138 AG 2:10:28
June 11th Tri Jesus Triathlon 2nd Overall
June 18th Topeka Tinman Duathlon 1st Overall
June 19th Rec Plex Triathlon 4th Overall
June 26th Back a Child Sprint Triathlon 1st Overall
July 2nd Columbia Cup Bike Race 11th Overall
July 2nd Columbia Cup Time Trial 1st, CAT 5 $20
July 3rd Columbia Cup Criterium 5th Overall $35
July 17th Missouri State Championship Time Trial 40k 1st, CAT 5 0:58:32
July 21st Twilight 5k 3rd Overall 0:18:21
Aug 7th Missouri State Championship Criterium 4th, CAT 5
Aug 21st Degray Lake Sprint Triathlon 3rd AG
Aug 28th Cinco Ranch Triathlon 5/88 AG
Sept 3rd Lake St. Louis Triathlon 7th Overall, 1st AG
Sept 11th NEMO Triathlon 10th Overall, 2nd AG
Oct 2nd Columbia Half Marathon 2nd Overall
Oct 9th Rec Plex Elite Triathlon 2nd Overall $100
Nov 19th National Club Championship 10k 0:38:18