Another Blast from the Past…

I found another file from “the archives”. This one was a word document listing all my results from 2001 which is when I discovered I enjoyed running. I actually completed my first triathlon way back in 1989, but I thought I hated the run and swim, probably because I didn’t actually train for either! So I only completed the one and it wasn’t until late 2001 after doing my first 5k on a whim, that I realized running was all right and that I ought to consider doing another triathlon…

8/11/01 Hot ‘n’ Hilly Power House Run 5k
13th place overall, 3rd place in age division, Time: 24:19, Pace: 7:49

9/29/01 KCOM Founder’s Day Run 5k
3rd place overall, 1st in age division, Time: 20:30, Pace: 6:35

10/13/01 Bulldog Homecoming 5k
11th place overall, 2nd place in age division, Time: 20:47, Pace: 6:41

10/27/01 Manitou Springs Mayor’s Cup 5k
43rd place overall, 5th place in age division, Time: 22:32, Pace: 7:15

11/10/01 Maynard Cohick Half Marathon
64th place overall, 3rd place in age division, Time: 1:43:28, Pace: 7:53

11/16/01 Living History Farms Race(5.25 miles)
245th place overall, out of 3,130 finishers, 30th place in age division, Time: 39:04, Pace: 7:26

11/27/01 Springfield Turkey Trot 5k
70th overall, out of 761, 7th in age division, Time: 19:40, Pace: 6:19

12/01/01 Second Baptist Half Marathon
25th overall, out of 199, 2nd in age division, Time: 1:32:59, Pace: 7:05

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