2007 Goals…

Seeing that 2006 didn’t quite work out like I had planned, I’m pretty anxious to look ahead to 2007 and put 2006 behind me…

Granted there are still two months left in 2006, but I’m ready to put down “on paper” my goals for 07′.

My primary goal for 2007 is to qualify for and compete in the ITU Long Course Duathlon World Championship being held in Richmond, VA on October 21st. This will be my #1 athletic goal of 07′, along the way however I also hope to accomplish the following:

– Go under 17:00 for a 5k
– Run a 10k under 36:00
– Break 2 hours in an Olympic Distance tri
– Swim 100yds in under a minute

These are all realistic goals for me provided I can stay healthy and focused. Another goal is to keep this site updated; I’ll do a much better job with that. Look for a “Road to Duathlon Worlds” series as I attempt to reach my #1 goal next year.

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Tony Rigdon wrote:

I wrote down some of my running goals on paper, but hadn’t actually included it in this post. Thought I would go ahead and add them as a comment:

5k – 16:59 or faster/ 5:28 pace
10k – 36:00 or faster/ 5:48 pace
1/2 marathon – 1:20:00 or faster/ 6:05 pace
Marathon – 2:50 or faster/ 6:27 pace

11/07/06 10:40:14