Bicycle Fitting with Ken and Diane Hood

Felt S22

Ok, so I’ve posted my race report regading the Rec Plex Triathlon, that might raise the questiong, what tri-bike are you racing on now? I originally had been looking at some high dollar bikes, but ended up getting a frame off Ebay, a Felt S22 for $450. It was a 2005 model that had never been built up and was painted with the 2006 colors. Apparantly it was a crash replacement, really sharp looking frame for a nice price. Part of the settlement with the insurance regarding my old bike was that I could keep the remains, so I ended up being able to use most of the original Dura-ace components.

I probably could have done most of the work, but I felt a lot better having someone else do it so I took it in to Walt’s Bike shop. They did an excellent job and for a total of $800 I had a new Felt S22 with mostly Dura-ace components. So now I had a great tri bike, maybe a little less than before, but nice regardless, now I just needed a good fitting. Ken and Diane Hood who run Bodymechanix Athletics also do bike fitting, Ken who is a rep with Compu-trainer uses his Compu-trainer in their fitting sessions. So July 1st found me in Springfield MO with the Hoods getting fitted on my new bike. Not only did Ken do a great job doing the fitting, Diane performed a little physical therapy and helped straighten out some crookedness in my back… By far the best fitting I could have gotten. Once Ken had everything set up, he made adjustments getting me as aero as possible, but each time checking my power on the computrainer to make sure we wern’t sacrificing power for aerodynamics. Fortunately I’m still somewhat flexible, at least in my back and I was able to get extremely aero while mainting my power, at least what

power I still had after Cape… In addition to the fitting, Ken worked with me for a while on the computrainer doing some “spin scanning”, working on my pedaling efficency. $125 was a great deal, definitely worth the trip to Springfield, I would highly recomend Ken to anyone looking to improve their fit/aerodynamics on a tri bike.

Bodymechanix Athletics

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