CATS Degray Sprint – August 21st, 2005

This time Nate and I decided that air conditioning and sleep were good things, so we got a motel. After a good night’s sleep, we headed back out to the race site, skipping the pre-race waffles.

Following Nate’s dominating performance in the half, my goal of the day was to at least beat Nate – after all, he had to be tired… As it turned out, I once again had a slow bike leg. So while I was able to beat him in both the swim and the run, my sub-par biking left me in 14th place on the day, a full 1:34 behind Nate who finished in 6th place. I did manage to take 2nd place in my age group so I at least headed home with some hardware…

Key lesson learned, failing to bike more than 30 miles a week for a month leads to subpar biking – 21.4 mph on a 14 mile course!