A+ Certified!

I bought my first A+ study guide back in 2000, I was working at St. John’s hospital inventoring computer systems which was a temporary job. If I wanted to stay on full time I needed to become an A+ certified computer technician. Instead I choose to head to Truman State University to finish up my Computer Science degree. Of course while at TSU I ended up working full time as a “Technical Support Specialist”, basically the same job they wanted me to have an A+ certification for in Springfield.

The original A+ certification test I studied for was revised in 2003 and another revision was released in 2006 which is the version I finally decided to take and have passed successfully. Two tests, each $155 plus several books over the years, probably about $400 invested into this certification. Next on the agenda, Network+ certification which I’ve signed up to take on January 4th. Hopefully I’ll be posting in a week or so that I’m also Network+ certified…

See CompTIA for more details.

21:26:14 – Tony Rigdon