Kirkwood/Webster 3 Mile Turkey Trot

What better way to prepare for a day of eating than a brisk 3 mile race! Got up around 4:45am to drive to Kirkwood where I picked up Nikki and we headed to downtown Kirkwood for a Turkey Trot.

I might have been a little overly optimistic in my expectations; I was shooting for holding a 5:45 pace for the 3 mile run. The race started at 8 am and while it was chilly, once we were under way things warmed up fast. I was surprised to see Trey Robinson, a friend from Truman State that I hadn’t seen in some time. He ran for Truman’s cross country and track team so I knew he would be fast but he made it sound like he was a little worn out, he had run the Chicago marathon followed by a 50k race. For the first 1/4 of a mile or so I hung with Trey and a few other fast runners, but I realized they were going a little to fast for me so I let them go. Passed the first mile marker in 5:40 but I was hurting and contrary to what I thought it was going to be, the course was either up or down, not more than a few feet of anything flat. Ended up slowing down considerably in the last two miles ending up with an 18:23 for a 6:08 per mile average. I should have been happy with that pace for the difficulty of the course, but I know I can run faster. 4th place in my age group and 28th overall.

Complete results

posted at 21:34:21 on 12/03/06 by Tony Rigdon – Category: Race Reports