Uk And France Travel Agreement

But in recent weeks, we have been looking at how we can be able to offer passenger services in accordance with all the guidelines in place. Like so many other companies, we have had to make difficult decisions to secure our services. These include a drastic reduction in the number of people allowed to travel on our ships at any given time, as well as fundamental changes in our boarding and disembarkation procedures in the port to simplify operations and ensure all passengers, crew and shore safety. Passenger rights in the EU are also a problem when driving is disrupted, which requires transfer buses for pedestrians and cyclists – this also poses problems. See travel guide pages for the French overseas territory you visit. I hope you`re okay. Yes, passengers entering from the UK are not subject to travel restrictions and may enter French territory if they comply with the usual rules and have the usual entry documents. It depends on where you arrive in France, unlike your nationality. In our weekly Facebook Q-As to answer your questions about Covid-19, Voyager and UK Transition, we`ve noticed some recurring questions about residency.

So it is here that we have gathered our responses to those that are most frequently put in place. Detailed information on applying for a residency can be found on the application`s website and on the Living guide in France. As soon as the Decree of the French Government is published, we will be… N.b.. You must wear a mask during most transport when travelling. Make sure your passport is valid for travel before booking your trip. You must renew your passport before travelling if you no longer have enough time on your passport. Hi, this instruction refers to quarantine though. The British quarantine restrictions have taken effect, but that does not refer to what will happen if they are lifted? Isn`t that when? Could you confirm how to access the current recommendations of the French government regarding travel to France? To visit France for a short stay, a visa may be required. The official French visa website lists the nationalities that need it. The passports of these travellers are stamped at the border and the validity of the visas can be verified.

There are no quarantines for Britons travelling to France – this has not been the case for a few weeks. The quarantine is purely voluntary to go to France – and since they don`t have details about where you`re going to be, it would actually be quite difficult for them to check you out anyway. I left for 5 days a few weeks ago, and there is no control. The problem is the return to the UK, where you have to register for British immigration at the border and tell them where you are going to be for the next two weeks, and provide the contact details, etc. – so they can check you out during the 2 weeks quarantine in the UK. No one checked us in two weeks. All this will change on Friday 10 July, when we no longer need to be quarantined in Britain. At present, quarantine measures in France are voluntary for people travelling from the United Kingdom and any agreement reached should be on a reciprocal basis.

We are convinced that everything will be fine for travel from England to France from July 10 without restrictions or quarantine Want safe travel and a return to your Paris apartment! The Foreign Ministry now warns against “all but essential travel” to France – the quarantine measure was imposed on Spain on 25 July. The UK government is considering other options, such as air bridges – agreements between countries that both have low transport rates to eliminate the need for quarantine measures for arriving passengers.] Britain said on Thursday it would reinstate quarantine for travellers from France and the Netherlands, prompting Paris to quickly announce a “mutual measure.” Starting December 15, 2020, you can book an optional covid-19 test from