Usaa Federal Savings Bank Depository Agreement And Disclosures

Terms change – We can change any duration of this agreement at any time. If the change would result in higher fees for online banking, increased liability for you, fewer types of electronic transfers available, or stricter restrictions on the frequency or dollar of transfers, we agree to notify you at least 30 days before such a change comes into effect, unless an immediate change is required to maintain the security of an account or our electronic search system. We will post any necessary notification of the change on our website or send it to you via email or postpere. If prior notification of the change is not required and disclosure does not compromise the security of our account or electronic search system, we will notify you of the change within 30 days of the change coming into effect. Your continued use of one or all online banking topic means that you accept the change in relation to the terms and conditions. We reserve the right, in some cases, to waive fees or royalties, reduce or convert them. They recognize and accept that changes to the fees of certain accounts are governed by payment agreements and current declarations. 2 ATM/DEBIT CARD TRANSACTION LIMITS (PER CARD, PER DAY) ATM Cash Withdrawal… $600 Debit Advance debit card… $1000 signature debit card purchase based… $3,000 purchase based on the debit card à la carte… $3,000 Overdrafts – NonSUFFICIENT FUNDs FEE (NSF FEE ITEM RETURNED) Checks and other withdrawals… 29 OVERDRAFT FEE (OD FEE ITEM PAID) Purchases of debit cards and withdrawals from…

0 Overdrafts created by cheques and other withdrawals from your account, the FSB, at its sole discretion, chooses to pay… 25 $US FSB will not charge overdraft fees if an item exceeds your account by $5.00 or less. RETURNED DEPOSIT ITEM FEE Every item you deposit (check, electronic deposit, etc.) into an account that will be returned later… $5 overdraft fee… 0 Indraft protection You must register to use the free overdraft protection service. Sensual transfer in advance (credit card)… 0 FSB will charge credit card in advance in cash… $100 per step Refer to your credit card agreement for fees and fees related to cash advances. Overdraft fees (USAA current accounts and savings)… 0 Transfers are available for the exact amount and the money must be available on the protection account. Policy transactions are usually processed each business day in the following order: account withdrawals from the account by category (p.B.

ATM and debit card transactions, electronic payments or cheques).