Collective Nouns Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet

But there are cases where a singular collective noun actually expresses a plural idea and needs a plural verblage. The following guidelines will help you decide whether a singular collective noun accepts a singular or plural verbage. We often use singular nouns that concern groups of people (e.g. team, government, committee) as if they were plural. This is because we often think of the group as people who do things that people do (eat, want, feel, etc.). In these kinds of cases, we use a plural code. (We also need to make sure that other words match – they rather, who instead of which.) I ask, because although “men” is plural, “one of men” displays a singular object that would require the use of a singular verb. Here, the collective name of the family is quite impersonal. See Rule 3 for searching for nouns, verbs and topics on our website The male pronouns are him, being and him, but imagine the female her, shis and shim. So our English, I think you`re all going to agree, is the hardest language you`ve ever seen. It follows that we are disoriented by the collective nouns, the conditions (I including the percentages) and the apostrophe. .

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