Tdsb Occasional Teacher Collective Agreement

Manual of Casual Teachers Information for Casual Teachers Revised Summer 2013 2 TABLEAU OF CONTENTS A message from the principal .. 4 Our guide and statement from the Safety School Foundation .. 5 A message from casual teachers` unions.. 6-7 Advice and procedures that are relevant to casual teachers.. 8-14 Employee Services Casual Teachers Department of Information and Personnel Responsibility .. 15-16 Phone numbers and important contacts.. 17-18 Access to the secure website of the home map .. 19 Microsoft Outlook Webmail .. 20 AW Academic Field of Work (Teachers` Guide) .. 21-22 Your access to SmartFindExpress (SFE) work.. 23 FAQs..

24-27 Professional Information Best PracticeS SFE. 3 48-49 D SmartFindExpress (SFE) Short Preview Card (computer) .. 50-51 E Profile Information View and revisions .. 52 F letter of intent .. 53 G Notification of information changes .. 54 H Absence Form .. 55 I Health and Safety Concern/Near Miss Accident 56-57 J Employee s Report of Workplace Violent 58 K Safe and Caring Schools Incident Reporting Form . 59-60 L Sabrinas Anaphylactic Student Protection Act ..

61-62 M 2012-2013 Casual Teachers` Pay Plan .. 63 N – Participation in inclement weather .. 64-65 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Summer 2013 Prepared by occasional teachers manual committee: Christine McGahey, Employee Services Officer, TDSB David Moore, Central Co-ordinating Principal, TDSB Sam Venneri, Administrator, Casual Course, TDSB Ximena Astudillo, Administrative Assistant, TDSB Marion Mutton, President, ETFO Toronto Casual Professor Rob Fulford, 1st Vice President, ETFO Toronto Occasional Teachers Sophie Kroesen, 2. Vice-President, ETFO – Toronto Casual Professor Linda Bartram, President, OSSTF, District 12 -OTBU – Toronto Vince Zambrano, 1st Vice-President, OSSTF, District 12 – OTBU- Toronto, Ontario M2N 5N8 Professor 2 28 Responsibilities of the casual teacher .. 29 Functions of early childhood teachers .. 30 Best Practices Casual Teachers .. 31 classroom management strategies .. 32 Evaluation of classroom teaching .. 33 Professional development ..

33-34 College of Teachers Information .. 35 Operational information that applies to casual long-term teaching missions 36 LTOs and the dispatch system. 37 documents needed to establish salary during an LTO .. 38-39 Pay .. 40 prints. 41 school year calendar .. 42 Appendix A WSIB Accident Reports Information for casual teachers .. 43-46 B Workplace Violence Report for Casual Teachers.. 47 C SmartFindExpress (SFE) Short-view card (phone). 4 Welcome to the Toronto District School Board team. Our employees are the backbone of our system. Being part of the TDSB team means joining a talented community of educators and assistants who are dedicated to enriching the lives of all students and helping them succeed.

Every day, more than 36,000 employees work to create a positive learning environment and support our high standards to keep students our top priority. Casual teachers play a valuable and important role in this regard. Their role in supporting classrooms and working with students without jumping a beat is a real talent and essential to the ongoing training of our students. We are committed to education and you are an integral part of achieving this. 7 Each school has a secure school board to develop a code of conduct and a safe school plan.