Training update…

A little over one week into my marathon training schedule and I’m already having doubts about actually running the St Louis Marathon. It’s not that I don’t think I can run it or that the training is going to be too tough, it is more a matter of timing.

Experts say you should plan on taking a month to fully recover from a marathon. However, the St Louis marathon is only 6 days out from the Max Trax Duathlon, a race I’ve placed 2nd and 3rd in several times and which I would really like to finally win. So while I’m still going to train long, as if I were training for a marathon, I’m probably only going to run the 1/2 marathon.

I’m also a little disappointed in the training plan I was going to follow. In the first week of the plan, it already had me doing speed work and hill workouts. Unless I want to end up with an injury, I’ve decided I should come up with a different plan. I already have the basic plan laid out in my mind, it really is quite simple. I ran 30 miles last week. This week I’ll increase that by 10% and continue doing so for 10 weeks. In my 10th week of training I’ll be up to 70 miles of running per week. Up to that point all my miles are going to be LSE, long slow & easy or enjoyable. Once I’m up to 70 then I’ll start incorporating some faster workouts in to the mix. By that point I’ll have built up an excellent base and my body will respond rapidly to the increase in speed. I’ll post a more detailed plan shortly.

posted at 15:50:48 on 12/19/06 by Tony Rigdon – Category: General