Date ExerciseDistanceComments
Feb 23, 12 ThursdayRan6.78 milesTiger run for the Tue/Thurs route. Felt like the 1st person to finish should be someone who did all the "Tiger Run" things (ring bell, touch columns, etc) so I ended up having to run hard to finish ahead of Katie and Tom. Mile splits - 8:48, 7:28, 6:54, 7:32, 6:35, 6:43, 4:55 (6:19 pace). Somewhere in those splits includes climbing up and touching the tiger tail, touching the columns, etc... 7:13 average pace, probably more like a 6:50 average...
Feb 22, 12 WednesdayRan3.50 milesTrak nite: 1/2 mile warm up, followed by a ladder - 400, 600, 800, 600, 400 with time run+30 rest for each segment. Wanted to negative split this, times were: 1:31 (6:04 pace), 2:13 (5:56 pace), 2:40 (5:20 pace), 1:54(5:05 pace), 1:09 (4:36 pace). 1 mile cool down. Good workout, definitely picked up the pace throughout!
Feb 21, 12 TuesdayRan7.37 milesRan this pretty hard, 7:16 average pace at the end of this run... Last 4 miles were below 7 minute pace.
Feb 20, 12 MondaySwam2600 yds1,000 yard warm up, 500 kick w/fins and board, 700 pull w/fins, 3x100 fs, 1:23 average, 100 cool down.
Feb 19, 12 SundayRan8.06 milesDecent pace run, not hard but not easy, 9:22 average on Gans Creek side...
Feb 18, 12 SaturdayRan7.00 milesWasn't feeling real motivated but needed to get in a run. Not sure the exact details, but at least 7 miles at around 8 minute pace...
Feb 16, 12 ThursdayRan7.71 milesThursday morning run, took this out easy and then picked up the pace at the end, 7:53 average for the total run...
Feb 15, 12 WednesdaySwam3000 yds3,000 yard swim this morning, doubled my yardage for the year! Kind of sad actually, middle of February and I've only swam 6,000 yards total... 1,000 yd warm up, 500 yd kick w/fins, 500yd pull w/paddles+fins, 4x200 freestyle, 200 cool down.
Feb 12, 12 SundayRan8.17 milesReally easy/slow recovery run, legs a little sore/tired!
Feb 11, 12 SaturdayRan10.00 milesCourse was really frozen with lots of horse hoof prints that made it a tough run. Was 2 minutes faster than the year before, but didn't feel like it was that good of a run. 8:30 pace...
Feb 7, 12 TuesdayRan6.90 milesPretty good effort tempo type run. Mile splits: 8:44, 8:17, 7:09, 6:47, 6:35, 7:57(walked hill), 6:11(.9). Chased Tom May on this run...
Feb 5, 12 SundayRan8.07 milesMostly an easy run, very sloppy conditions, ran hard the final mile, went from 10:38 avg to 10:07 avg.
Feb 4, 12 SaturdayRan9.64 milesFirst race of the year! Easy run to the race as a warm up, started out relaxed and easy on the race and tried to pick it up a bit, ended up running 6:17, 6:20, and 6:30 on my mile splits. Guess the hill repeats on Providence got to me! With cool down and run home ran 9.64 miles at 7:29 average.
Feb 2, 12 ThursdayRan7.00 milesHard time getting up, but made it out the door and to the Thurs AM run. Ended up being a good run. Still stuck at 163 for my weight...
Feb 1, 12 WednesdayRan5.00 milesAnother good track night, finally feeling like I'm getting some fitness! 2 mile warm up, 800/200 workout x 3 (run an 800, 30 seconds rest, then 200 fast) 3:00, 40.41, 2:43, 37.74, 2:37, 37.42, 1 mile cool down.
Jan 31, 12 TuesdayRan8.50 milesDon's Diner run but added on the switchbacks back up to Stadium adding on about 1/2 mile. Ran miles 2-4 a little harder, but averaged 7:53 for the run. Also walked to and home from work so 10.5 miles total for the day!
Jan 30, 12 MondaySwam2000 ydsOnly the second time swimming this year! 500 w/up, 500 kick w/fins, 500 pull buoy and paddles, 2x200, 100 cool down
Jan 30, 12 MondayRan7.50 milesDecent pace, almost a tempo run for my current fitness level, 7:24 pace for a 7.5 mile run...
Jan 29, 12 SundayRan10.50 milesTen and a half miles run at RB, first 8 on Gans Creek side at around 11:30 pace. Picked it up on the final mile of the first eight and then ran another 2.5 on the other side a little faster too. Ended up with a 10:40 average for the morning, mostly an endurance run...
Jan 26, 12 ThursdayBiked12.00 milesFollowed up my easy recovery run with a moderate indoor ride on the bike. 45 minutes, about my limit!
Jan 26, 12 ThursdayRan4.50 milesNice easy run, didn't feel motivated to run hard. Around 8:30 pace, for 4.5 miles, good recovery run...
Jan 25, 12 WednesdayRan5.15 milesGood quality track workout tonight. We did a pyramid, 600 (2:19), 800 (2:52), 1000 (3:28), 800 (2:50), 600 (2:02). 1.5 mile warm up and 1.5 mile cool down for a total of 5.15. Still stuck at 163 for my weight, speed will naturally increase once I lose some of that...
Jan 24, 12 TuesdayRan9.20 milesPretty good effort this morning. Knew I wanted to push it a little so I stayed with the front A group, followed Dan E's pace for a hard last 3 miles - 7:16, 6:55, 6:34 and a 7:28 average for the 9.2 mile run.
Jan 23, 12 MondayRan4.50 milesNice mostly recovery pace run with the Monday night Cycle-X group. Only pushed a little from Stadium to the water stop at the hospital, rest of run was easy.
Jan 22, 12 SundayRan8.08 milesChased Steve M. and group again, this time stayed closer and finished with an 8:13 per mile average, 15 seconds per mile faster! Tough run... Low 30's, foggy/misty, ran in shorts as I planned to run hard/fast. Pretty happy with were my training/speed is at, especially with my weight of 164.
Jan 21, 12 SaturdayBiked12.00 milesRode inside on the rollers/trainer for 45 minutes or so while watching the movie Serenity.
Jan 21, 12 SaturdayRan5.75 milesHad a really hard time with the cold today, did not want to leave the house! Ran to Range Line, to the trail, and then west to Creasy Springs. Walked the boardwalk and up the big hill on Creasey Springs before starting to run again, just wasn't feeling real motivated. Averaged 8 min pace when running...
Jan 19, 12 ThursdayBiked31.00 milesRoad the cross bike on the Thursday night ride. It was a cold one! Was 6 minutes late to the start so played catch up first 15 miles with Ethan Froese. This cooked my legs and made for a rough second half of the ride. 18.5 average for first half or so, then fell apart and finished with @ 15 mph avg... Icicles in the beard!
Jan 19, 12 ThursdayRan7.10 milesReally hard time getting up and going, but made it out the door by 5:30. Ran to Broadway and then the route backwards until I met up with the group. Ran with the front group for about 3 miles at 6:50ish pace, then 2 mile cool down home.
Jan 18, 12 WednesdayRan7.00 milesDid track night, 800 followed by 200 after 30 seconds rest, then 3 minutes rest x 3. 3:00, 43, 2:48, 41, 2:50, 34, 1 mile warm up plus 1.5 mile cool down. Also added 2 miles of walking to work and home so calling it 7 miles on the day.
Jan 16, 12 MondayRan7.00 milesEasy paced 7 mile run. Legs a little tired from 3 days in a row of runs an hour in length or longer. Had one stretch in the middle I chased down another runner that I was running 6:15 pace, maybe 2 minutes, felt good!
Jan 16, 12 MondayBiked22.00 milesEasy ride on road to Gillispie Bridge road and then gravel to Hindman Junction and back on MKT. Had tailwind 2nd half to get average pace up to 15.5mph, on the cross bike...
Jan 15, 12 SundayRan7.50 milesEasy run at RB with the Sunday AM group. Only ran 11 minute pace, but was needed after a fairly hard 11 mile run the day before at RB at 9min pace.
Jan 14, 12 SaturdayRan11.00 milesHeaded out to RB for a long run prior to watching the Olympic Marathon Trials. Ran 2.5 on DI side and 8.5 on the Gans Creek side. Ended up averaging 8:56 pace so a decent pace for RB...
Jan 11, 12 WednesdayRan5.90 milesGot home from a full day of HIPAA training in Springfield, got out for an enjoyable ride before a major drop in temps!
Jan 8, 12 SundayRan7.99 milesHard/tempo effort! Some fast guys showed up to what is typically a casual/easy Sunday trail run. Decided to try and hang with them, that lasted for maybe a mile. But kept up the hard effort ending up with an 8:30 average pace which is fast for the Gans Creek side loop at RB...
Jan 7, 12 SaturdayBiked48.94 milesLong ride with lots of stops for people fixing flats and mechanical issues. Longest ride distance wise in some time for me. 13.7 mph, started to bonk towards the end of this ride...
Jan 6, 12 FridayBiked7.50 milesWeather was so nice had to get in some Mtn biking! Mostly aerobic riding...
Jan 6, 12 FridayRan8.04 milesA bit of a harder effort than on Monday on the same course. This time though I ran it counter clockwise which I believe is faster. Average 8:55 pace, a full 1:05 per mile faster than on Monday. The weather was much nicer, @ 65 versus what felt like 15 on Monday! Shorts and no shirt...
Jan 5, 12 ThursdayBiked30.00 milesRode the cross bike with the Thurs night group out to Hindman Junction, they kept going and I turned around to ride to Houlihans for Andy P's b'day. Probably around 30 miles ridden, enjoyable pace. Rode with three beers in my camel back...
Jan 5, 12 ThursdayRan7.67 milesMotivated myself to get up and do the Thurs AM run. Took it mostly easy, 8:23 pace, a bit cold, 30 degrees or so...
Jan 4, 12 WednesdaySwam1000 ydsFirst swim in a while. Just did 1k, 300 yd w/up, 300 yd kick with fins, 200 with fins, 200 cool down.
Jan 2, 12 MondayRan7.50 milesA bit cool, 30 with wind chills in the teens. Ran this a bit easier, was feeling un-motivated, 10 min pace. Ran loop counter clockwise which seems slower. Also stopped watch on multiple up hills...
Jan 1, 12 SundayBiked7.30 milesFollowed up the run with a loop on the mountain bike. Was getting dark so the second half was with a headlamp. Not a hard effort, more for fun and bike handling, no dabbing...
Jan 1, 12 SundayRan7.30 milesComfortable run at RB, ran on the easier side, 9 min pace felt pretty good, maybe a little bit of a hard effort. Great weather, must have been about 50...
Jul 22, 09 WednesdaySwam1300 ydsJoined Andy Pele for his swim workout. He was doing 30 x 50 meters on a minute. I did 20 x 50, came in around 46 seconds on most of them. Good workout!
Jul 16, 09 ThursdayRan3.10 milesAvg pace - 6:03, Avg HR - 181, Max HR - 193, Mile splits - 6:00, 6:02, 5:59(not a full mile), 4th OA with a time of 18:03, course .12 mile short... Felt like this was one of my smarter races run in a while, nice even & measured effort, didn't go out too fast and moved up to 4th after being in 10th a mile in.
Jun 19, 09 FridaySwam1000 yds1st time recording a workout in over a year! :( Easy 200 followed by 5 x 100 around 1:25 pace, ending with easy 300.
Mar 29, 08 SaturdayRan26.20 milesOlathe Marathon, see race report for details...
Mar 26, 08 WednesdayRan3.00 milesTrack nite workout but since I'm tapering for the marathon this Saturday I took it really easy.
Mar 24, 08 MondayRan5.36 milesRan the C route of the Tues/Thurs run, days route was Dave's Devil. Easy paced run as part of marathon taper.
Mar 23, 08 SundayRan3.83 milesEasy paced recovery run on some trails, through downtown, and campus.
Mar 22, 08 SaturdayRan13.10 milesVery windy Sedalia 1/2 Marathon. Tried to run this controlled, what I think I'm going to try and run next week in the Olathe Marathon. Felt pretty good for the whole thing until I tried to pick up the pace in the last 3 miles. 2nd fastest 1/2 marathon for me ever! If it weren't for the wind and not having a pace setter, might have run a PR...
Mar 20, 08 ThursdayRan7.15 miles7 mile run wearing a ton of clothes to sweat out a few pounds. Not run very fast, just kept moving and sweating!
Mar 19, 08 WednesdayRan6.00 miles3 miles on the treadmill this morning, another 3 miles this evening on the track at track nite. Pretty low key track nite for me since I'm tapering for the marathon. Ran most of the repeats relaxed except for one all out 400 to see if I could break a minute, ended up at 62.4! Fastest 400 for me ever...
Mar 17, 08 MondayRan5.32 milesFairly easy run, kept it mostly recovery pace. First run with the new Garmin 305, nice to be able to meander around town and know exactly where my total mileage is at. Also neat to see my pace...
Mar 16, 08 SundayRan13.00 milesLong easy paced run to start out taper week two. Kept it pretty relaxed for this run.
Mar 15, 08 SaturdayRan5.32 milesSt. Patty's day 5k with another 2 miles including the warm up and cool down. Race felt good, went out slow for the first mile and then picked up the pace the next two miles for probably my first 5k negative split!
Mar 13, 08 ThursdayRan8.00 milesThurs morn run, ran to the bridge and back. Ran with Steve M. nice pace, maybe a little fast following last nights track workout...
Mar 12, 08 WednesdayRan5.00 milesTrack night workout. Lead the main workout that Ted had emailed out, then did 4 x 400 followed by 4 x 200 on my own. For that segment averaged 4:58 pace with the fastest segment a 30.49 200...
Mar 11, 08 TuesdayRan3.00 milesEasy recovery run on the downtown/campus loop.
Mar 11, 08 TuesdayRan6.50 milesTuesday morning group run, Tripp 10k. Went hard since I wasn't running long. Averaged 6:40 pace which included the first two mile warm up so the pace was quite high. …
Mar 10, 08 MondayRan4.00 miles4 mile recovery run on the "trails" along stadium...
Mar 9, 08 SundayRan17.00 miles4 mile warm up followed by a 10 mile tempo run at around 6:40 pace. Legs felt really tired from 80 mile week leading up to this. 3 mile shuffle home following tempo run...
Mar 8, 08 SaturdayRan11.00 miles11 mile run at Rockbridge State park. Still pretty muddy, took this run really easy.
Mar 7, 08 FridayRan9.00 milesNice long recovery/easy run. Ran late, didn't leave the apt until 7pm so I ran in the dark on the MKT trail, nice run, a little windy and cold...
Mar 6, 08 ThursdayRan2.25 milesEasy run to Chipotle for lunch and then back to work. The run back was a little painful running with so much food in my stomach!
Mar 6, 08 ThursdayRan8.00 milesEasy 8 mile run to the mulch pile and back. Ran the last mile at a brisk pace as I was feeling good.
Mar 5, 08 WednesdayRan8.00 milesTrack nite workout, 3.75 miles at 5:22 pace, mostly done in 400's. With jogging in between and the run there and back, total of 8 miles.
Mar 5, 08 WednesdayRan2.00 milesEasy run on the treadmill in the morning.
Mar 4, 08 TuesdayRan13.50 milesRan to the Tuesday morning group and did the Jaira's jaunt, cut back on the MKT trail off stadium and then back up Forum and home.
Mar 3, 08 MondayRan6.00 miles3 mile run in the morning on the treadmill and a 3 mile recovery run in town in the evening, both recovery pace runs.
Mar 2, 08 SundayRan20.00 miles20 miles worth of running at Rockbridge. Really muddy but beautiful weather.
Mar 1, 08 SaturdayBiked43.00 milesRode the Ashland loop with a decent sized group. Good ride...
Mar 1, 08 SaturdayRan3.00 milesWarm up and cool down prior to 5k in the morning, plus 1.25 mile run after bike ride.
Mar 1, 08 SaturdayRan3.10 milesRun with the Eagles 5k - 2nd win of the season, 6:01 pace.
Feb 29, 08 FridayRan3.00 miles3 miles easy run.
Feb 28, 08 ThursdayRan2.50 milesRad to Chipotle for lunch and ran back to work for 2.5 easy miles.
Feb 28, 08 ThursdayRan6.30 milesModerate paced run iwth the Tues/Thurs group. Ran a little faster than I had planned but I was feeling good.
Feb 27, 08 WednesdayRan6.50 miles1st Track nite. I ran to the track and did my own workout, 6 x 800. Did a 400 jog between each 800. Cooled down running home, good workout, avg pace of 1:45 for the 800's.
Feb 26, 08 TuesdayRan3.00 milesEasy run to Flat Branch for Ted's B-day. Ate some pie and hung out with friends and then ran home, easy 3 miles
Feb 26, 08 TuesdayRan14.00 miles14 Mile long run, ran to the Tues morning group run. The route for the day was Dave's evil. Very windy day, around 30 with a windchill of 19. Took this run slow except for a few stretches in the group run where I pushed it a little.
Feb 25, 08 MondayRan3.00 milesEasy 3 mile recovery run following tomorrow 19.3 mile run.
Feb 24, 08 SundayRan19.30 miles3rd Olympiad 1/2 Marathon - Snowy and slushy at start, turned out to be a nice day for a run! Was hoping I might run a PR, but there were no mile markers and no one around me to run with. Still, I was happy with my time, averaging 6:35 per mile. After taking a 5 to 10 minute break and getting a little food and hot chocolate I went back out and ran the 10k course as well for a 19.3 mile run.
Feb 23, 08 SaturdayRan2.49 miles4k race, Mud & Guts Cross Country race. I ran faster than I expected I would, 6:02 pace! Very hilly and the ground was frozen with a snow/ice cover.
Feb 21, 08 ThursdayRan8.10 milesTempo run west on trail to bridge and back. Started off running slow as a warm up. Several in the group didn't warm up long and took off. It was tough, but I kept warming up and waited until Scott to really pick up the pace and try to reel everyone back in. Managed to do it, but I definitely slowed down once I got to the front and didn't have anyone to chase... Great workout, should be ready for this weekend! 6:47 pace...
Feb 20, 08 WednesdaySwam1000 yds1000 yard swim, done by swimming 5 x 200.
Feb 20, 08 WednesdayRan3.25 miles25 minute run on the treadmill. Boring as heck, about as long as I feel like running inside! Kept this easy, recovery pace.
Feb 19, 08 TuesdayRan9.30 milesDrier Dirty 1/2 Dozen - Tough run, ran with Menash until the last 1.5 miles or so. He kept the pace high, probably around 6:40 pace on a pretty hilly course. Really cold headwind on Stadium, felt like I had frostbite somewhere I won't say... :(
Feb 18, 08 MondayBiked10.00 miles35 minutes on the rollers while watching House. Rode without the front fork stand/holder so had to concentrate on ballance, a little tougher this way.
Feb 17, 08 SundayBiked10.00 miles43 Minutes on the rollers while watching Lost. Mostly just took it easy and spun... Calling it 10 miles.
Feb 17, 08 SundayRan7.00 milesGood workout with Ted Z, calling it 7 miles but not really sure on the exact distance. Ran to the parking garage by the Rec Center and ran up each flight of stairs 2 times and down the parking garage.
Feb 16, 08 SaturdayRan7.50 miles1st win of the year! Went up to Moberly and ran the Have-A-Heart 10k. Turned out to be more of a solo tempo run escorted by a police car through Moberly. Only around 20 runners and the closest behind me was just under 10 minutes back at the end. So while getting a win felt great, it was a little disappointing not to have any competition to push me a little...
Feb 14, 08 ThursdayRan3.50 milesEasy 3.5 miles on some trails close to my place. Got nice and muddy!
Feb 14, 08 ThursdayRan8.00 milesTues/Thurs morning run, to the bridge and back. Ran fartleks with Mike Tripp and Menash, good run!
Feb 13, 08 WednesdayRan7.50 milesLong recovery run, maybe a little to fast at the start but midway through I got hungry and kind of crashed. Slowed down and just brought it home.
Feb 13, 08 WednesdayRan2.00 miles2 mile run on the treadmill, reminded me why I don't like running on the treadmill!
Feb 12, 08 TuesdayRan8.00 milesPresident's hill run this morning, icey conditions so it was modified to stay on the trail more. I added an extra hill in up a new spur. Ran this at tempo pace, probably running around 6:30 pace for the middle 3 or 4 miles but I couldn't keep it up and fell back off the pace a little.
Feb 11, 08 MondayRan8.20 milesGreat run in the snow and cold! Took it easy and enjoyed the fresh snow/ice. Glasses iced over, made it a little difficult to see towards the end while it was getting dark.
Feb 10, 08 SundayRan12.00 milesAround a 2 hour run at Rockbridge getting in about 12 miles or so. Very cold at the start but not bad 20 or 30 minutes in. Going to try to keep the high mileage this week but not as long on the individual runs plus work in a couple faster runs.
Feb 9, 08 SaturdayRan12.32 miles15k Frostbite run in St. Louis' Forest Park. Was hoping to go under 1 hour, but realistically I knew this was the end of another high mileage week so it would be tough. Mile splits: 6:22, 6:40, 6:33, 6:47, 6:44, 6:36, 6:57, 6:24, 6:07, 2:16 for the final .3. Happy with the time, especially with being able to finish strong. Followed up with a 3 mile cool down following the race. Jogged out and met up with Gwenna and ran in with her.
Feb 8, 08 FridayRan5.90 milesNice easy 6 mile run ran at recovery pace. Just loosening up the legs for tomorrows 15k...
Feb 7, 08 ThursdayRan13.50 milesAnother long run, feeling a little slower than Tuesday, probably from not running yesterday... Morning route was the Rain Run, I did the B route and ran back home the A route in reverse.
Feb 5, 08 TuesdayRan13.10 milesWasn't planning on running quite this long but since it wasn't raining and my legs felt better than expected I went with it! Ended up averaging 7:50 pace which was surprising considering the mileage in my legs already on the week. Good run...
Feb 4, 08 MondayRan6.20 milesEasy 6 mile run, around 8 minute pace, recovering from 20 miler on Sunday.
Feb 3, 08 SundayRan20.00 milesAt least 20 miles worth of running on trails at Rockbridge. Longest continuous run for me in years! Mostly kept the pace easy with around 30 minutes mixed in where I picked up the pace. Good run...
Feb 2, 08 SaturdayRan10.00 miles10 miles total running for the day with 3.1 miles in the form of a 5 race, the "Nut Race". Ran an 18:58 for 6:06 pace, one of my better 5ks in a while which is awesome considering the mileage I've put in for the week.
Feb 1, 08 FridayRan3.00 miles3 mile easy recovery run, trying to get legs ready for 5k in the morning.
Feb 1, 08 FridaySwam1800 ydsSwam with the masters again. Good workout, forget the details. Worked some on IM, I'm horrible at it! Swam a few fast 100's...
Jan 31, 08 ThursdayRan13.00 milesThought I was going to run 11 miles when I started out since the morning run was to the mulch pile and back. I figured I could run to the start, do the run and get a ride back after getting our picture taken. But I didn't realize they would take pictures first. Since I felt good on the run I decided I could go a little farther so I ran back from the mulch pile to MKT trail, turned right and headed back to stadium. 13 miles on the day with 4 of them at a decent clip around 7:15 pace or so.
Jan 30, 08 WednesdayRan4.25 miles4.25 mile run inside on the treadmill following swim workout, 8:00 pace.
Jan 30, 08 WednesdaySwam1800 yds500 warm up straight swim, 500 w/pull buoy at 1:30 pace, 400 pull w/paddles at 1:25 pace, 300 free w/fins at 1:25 pace, 100 cool down, 1,800 total.
Jan 29, 08 TuesdayRan13.00 milesRan to the Tuesday 5:30am run. The route was Dave's Devil so with running to the start and everything got in 13 miles for the day.
Jan 28, 08 MondayRan5.00 miles5 mile recovery run, legs feeling a little sore following yesterdays 22 mile total. Kept it fairly easy pace except for the last 2 miles where I picked it up a little and probably went around 6:45 pace...
Jan 27, 08 SundayRan22.00 milesThis was actually two runs and I'm just being lazy and entering them as one! First run was 10 miles this morning at Rockbridge, so it was very hilly and slow, around 1:38 for that run. Second run was 12 miles this evening, down to the MKT trail and out to Scott and back. Ran a little faster than at Rockbridge since it was flat, but still took it fairly slow. Around 1:30 for the second run. Briefly considered putting on warmer clothes and going back out for 5.2 more miles to get in a full marathon today, but only thought about it briefly!
Jan 26, 08 SaturdayRan5.00 miles5 mile easy run through Stephen's park, downtown, and campus.
Jan 25, 08 FridaySwam2200 yds1st time swimming with the masters group. Swam for the 1st time last week in three months, 1,000 yards. Didn't think I would swim much today, but ended up getting in a decent workout: 300 yd warm up, 300yd pull, 3 x200yds (swim, drill, swim), 400yd pull, 5 x 100yds on 2:00 (1:31, 1:33, 1:34, 1:36, 1:38), 100yd cool down.
Jan 24, 08 ThursdayRan5.00 miles5 mile easy run with the am group. Super cold so we ran really short. Went hard for a little bit, but nothing too fast.
Jan 23, 08 WednesdayRan9.50 milesNice even paced 9.5 mile run after work this evening. Took yesterday completely off. Was going to swim and run this morning but slept in instead. Tonights run felt good, extended it to 9.5 instead of 8.
Jan 21, 08 MondayRan9.50 milesRan around 9.5 miles at Rockbridge this afternoon. Easy pace, ran for about an hour and 15 minutes, good run.
Jan 20, 08 SundayRan7.50 milesGood and fun run, 7.5 miles at around 7:30 or so pace. Incorporated all the single track trails I could around my house. Here's the map
Jan 19, 08 SaturdaySwam1000 yds1st swim of the year! Couldn't stand seeing that big fat 0 on the yards swam on my website's front page... Only got in 1000 yards, arms felt sore only 500 yards in! Nothing structured with this workout, just kept track of the yards and got 1000 yards in...
Jan 19, 08 SaturdayRan4.00 milesRan indoor on the treadmill at the Mizzou Rec center. 4 mile run at around 7:30 average pace. Felt pretty good, much easier than running that pace on the treadmill in the past. Achilles are feeling a little tight/sore, thinking I might need to back off a little on the running for the next week and than ramp up the mileage the following week. 55 miles total for the week running...
Jan 17, 08 ThursdayRan9.50 milesAnother Tues/Thurs run. Supposed to be snowing this morning, but it was misting instead when I started out. Turned into rain on my run to the start, was soaked by 5:30 when I joined up with everyone else. Did the mulch pile run so I just kept on going to Old Hwy 63 and back home for a total of 9.5 miles.
Jan 16, 08 WednesdayRan8.20 miles8 mile loop ran at around 7:30 pace.
Jan 15, 08 TuesdayRan11.00 miles11 mile run. Ran to the Tues morn. and ran with them as we ran the Drier Dirty Dozen run. Turned off from that route once back to Providence and headed home.
Jan 14, 08 MondayRan5.00 miles5 mile easy recovery run. Walked president hill...
Jan 13, 08 SundayRan17.00 milesGreat workout, longest run in probably 4 years... Looking back, probably my longest run since Ultramax 04'! 3 hour run, around 17 miles total. Most of this was run at probably around 8 or 9 minute pace. Very hilly running, going for time more than distance. Started out running with around 8 other guys, three of us ran the whole time. Great workout...
Jan 12, 08 SaturdayRan4.00 milesPlanned on running and then swimming but the swimming pool was closed. Ran the 4 miles on the treadmill. This made for a total of 45 miles for the week, most miles run in a week for probably several years! Planning on getting in 50 to 60 next week...
Jan 10, 08 ThursdayRan14.00 milesRan to the Tue/Thur run, ran the 7.6 mile course for the day (bridge and back), and then ran back home. 14 miles for the total, felt pretty good for the whole run.
Jan 8, 08 TuesdayRan10.00 miles10 mile run, got started late so this was all in the dark. Kept a pretty good pace, felt much better than on Sunday. Probably helped that I ate a good meal around 2 hours before the run so nutritionally I was good.
Jan 7, 08 MondayRan4.00 milesShort easy run, active recovery...
Jan 6, 08 SundayRan13.00 miles13 mile run, long run/easy pace. Felt pretty sluggish, probably a result of the 10k race and 25 mile bike ride previous day. Actually walked a few times...
Jan 5, 08 SaturdayBiked30.00 milesNot the exact distance I biked, somewhere between 25 and 30 miles. Recording it as 30 miles, good ride!
Jan 5, 08 SaturdayRan6.20 miles10k race, thought I could run it faster than last year but I didn't. But I did place one place higher than last year, 3rd overall!
Jan 3, 08 ThursdayRan7.60 milesRain run at the Thursday morning run. Very cold, single digits with the wind chill factor. Ran the first 5 miles pretty hard, faded at the end...
Jan 1, 08 TuesdayRan7.00 milesPresiden't route at the Tuesday morning run. Ran from home, temps around 10 degrees and very windy... mostly an easy to moderate run.
Dec 23, 07 SundayRan13.10 milesSnowball series 1/2 Marathon. Total time of 1:33:03, very cold run. Temperature around 25 with a wind chill of 13 degrees. Felt decent...
Dec 20, 07 ThursdayBiked10.00 miles41 minutes on the rollers
Dec 19, 07 WednesdayBiked10.00 miles41 minutes on the rollers watching Lost...
Dec 17, 07 MondayBiked10.00 miles41 minutes on the rollers
Dec 17, 07 MondayRan5.00 miles5 mile run at a decent pace, around 7:30 pace.
Dec 16, 07 SundayRan10.00 miles10 mile run at St. Joe State Park. Path was snow covered and since this 1 run was double the miles I did all of last week I took it easy.
Dec 15, 07 SaturdayBiked10.00 milesBiked on the rollers again, 41 minutes or the lenght of one episode of Lost.
Dec 13, 07 ThursdayBiked10.00 miles41 minutes on the rollers.
Dec 12, 07 WednesdayBiked20.00 milesRode for an hour and ten minutes on the trainer tonight. Calling it 20 miles, felt good. Boy, sure is boring riding indoors! Watched an episode of Lost and the 5:30 news...
Dec 11, 07 TuesdayRan5.00 milesRan my typical 5 miles loop this evening at 4pm. Got rained on pretty hard, but at least it wasn't too cold. Took it easy, ran around 7:40 pace. First run in a week!
Dec 11, 07 TuesdayBiked10.00 milesForty-one minutes on the trainer this morning while watching an episode of Lost, calling it 10 miles...
Dec 10, 07 MondayBiked10.00 milesForty-minutes on the trainer, calling it 10 miles again...
Dec 9, 07 SundayBiked20.00 milesRode for an hour and twenty minutes on the trainer. Was planning on running, but it has been raining and cold forever now! Calling this a 20 mile ride...
Dec 8, 07 SaturdayBiked10.00 milesHad planned on running, but was wet and cold so I rode for forty-one minutes.
Dec 4, 07 TuesdayRan6.60 milesRan with the Tuesday morning group in Columbia. Ran this fairly hard, probably around 6:40 pace.
Dec 1, 07 SaturdayRan9.30 milesRan the 1st run of the Snowball Series. Took place at Queeny park. Very hilly 15k, ended up probably around 10th overall. Averaged exactly 7:00 pace on a tough course. Weather was cold, right around freezing.
Nov 29, 07 ThursdayRan5.00 milesAnother run over lunch, took it a little easier. Was planning on 8 minute miles, ran a little harder and did around 7:35 pace. Still felt easy...
Nov 29, 07 ThursdayBiked10.00 milesWatched another episode of Lost this morning while riding for around 43 minutes. Easy pace, kept heart rate low.
Nov 28, 07 WednesdayBiked10.00 milesAnother ride on the bike, rode in a little higher gear, more of a leg/strength workout.
Nov 27, 07 TuesdayRan5.00 miles5 mile run over lunch break. Decent paced run, kept it a 7 minute mile average. Felt good...
Nov 26, 07 MondayBiked10.00 miles43 minute ride on the rollers watching TV.
Nov 25, 07 SundayBiked20.00 milesVery cold and wet ride! Was going to ride 60+ miles with some Big Shark riders, but after riding 10 miles in the cold rain(36 degrees and rainey) I decided to turn around and ride back to the car. Ended up getting a flat on the ride back, froze my hands fixing it!
Nov 24, 07 SaturdayRan10.00 milesGreat River Road Run, went out hoping to run it in 1:05. To do this I would need to do 6:30 pace. Ended up at 1:05:42, 6:34 pace. The mile splits were: 6:43, 6:25, 6:30, 6:33, 6:45, 6:33, 6:43, 6:48, 6:48, 5:58.
Nov 20, 07 TuesdayRan5.00 miles5 mile run at 6:20am. Ran easy, averaged around 8 minutes per mile...
Nov 20, 07 TuesdayBiked10.00 miles45 minute ride indoors on the trainer. Went a little harder than I do most of the time, pretty good ride.
Nov 18, 07 SundayRan7.50 milesRan the trail out at Pere Marquete State Park with the St. Louis Triathlon Club. Good run, kept it easy for the most part except for a few stretches where I pushed it a little.
Nov 17, 07 SaturdayRan3.10 milesRan the Farmington Turkey Trot. Pretty decent race. At least four members of the State Champ Potosi cross county were there, knew I couldn't win with them there, but I had a good race...
Nov 13, 07 TuesdayRan5.00 milesRan a 5 mile tempo run after work. Averaged 6:45 per mile for the five miles, tough workout.
Nov 13, 07 TuesdayBiked8.00 milesRode on the trainer 30 minutes after running tonight. Probably equivalent to 8 miles or so...
Nov 12, 07 MondayBiked10.00 milesRode on the trainer again for about 45 minutes. Probably equivalent to 10 miles or so...
Nov 11, 07 SundayBiked10.00 milesRode on the trainer for about 45 minutes, took it really easy, probably equivalent to 10 miles or so...
Nov 11, 07 SundayRan6.00 milesWas going to do a long run, but I was feeling really sore from the day before. Instead of going long, I ran to the steepest hill around and did 5 repeats on it. Really hurt...
Nov 10, 07 SaturdayBiked25.00 miles25 mile mountain bike ride on the Berryman Trail. Took about 3 hours and 30 minutes of riding. Tough workout, hands and upper body really hurt afterwards... Gonna go back and do it again soon! Fell 5x's, 3 really spectacular falls.
Nov 4, 07 SundayBiked10.00 milesRode on the rollers for around 45 minutes while watching the second half of "We Are Marshall". Rode easy, recovery/base ride.
Nov 4, 07 SundayRan9.00 milesRan 9 miles of the 11 mile loop. Easy pace, maybe ran a little too hard on some of the miles. Splits were: 7:59, 8:17, 7:48, 7:29, 7:12, 7:11, 8:10, 8:02, 7:28. After the 9 miles were up, walked about 1/2 a mile, jogged 1, then walked the last 1/2 mile.
Sep 4, 07 TuesdayBiked18.00 miles 
Sep 3, 07 MondayRan7.30 miles 
Sep 1, 07 SaturdayRan3.00 milesLSL Short Course Tri
Sep 1, 07 SaturdayBiked12.00 milesLSL Short Course Tri
Sep 1, 07 SaturdaySwam600 ydsLSL Short Course Tri
Aug 19, 07 SundayRan3.00 miles 
Aug 16, 07 ThursdayBiked25.00 miles 
Aug 15, 07 WednesdayBiked25.00 miles 
Aug 14, 07 TuesdayBiked20.00 miles 
Aug 13, 07 MondaySwam1200 yds 
Aug 12, 07 SundayRan11.00 miles 
Aug 11, 07 SaturdayBiked30.00 miles 
Aug 9, 07 ThursdayBiked30.00 miles 
Aug 8, 07 WednesdaySwam1000 ydsAM Swim
Aug 8, 07 WednesdayRan5.00 milesTrack workout w/ Ted's group
Aug 7, 07 TuesdayRan8.00 miles8 mile run with the Tues/Thurs group. Achilles hurt for the first few miles and was a little irritated on some of the hills. Tried to keep my pace down, maybe ran a little faster than I should have.
Aug 6, 07 MondaySwam1750 yds200 warm up, 100 kick, 100 pull, 12 x 50 free on a minute (odds drill), 12 x 25 on 30, 200 kick w/fins each 50 faster (final 50 did in 30" w/kick board), 100 cool down.
Aug 5, 07 SundayBiked18.00 milesMO State Criterium - 35 minutes plus 3 laps for about 18 miles or so. Never felt to difficult, was always in the front group of about 6 and ended up sprinting it out for the win, finished 2nd by half a wheel length...
Aug 4, 07 SaturdaySwam2112 ydsSwim portion of the Steelhead Triathlon. Swim felt decent other than my Achilles hurting on the run in. However, my goggles kept fogging up and since we were headed into the sun I couldn't see very well. I stopped 4 times to clear my goggles. Also, the up down motion from the waves made me feel slightly sea-sick...
Jul 25, 07 WednesdayBiked20.00 milesDid the hill ride tonight. Only did a few of them and then cut out early...
Jul 24, 07 TuesdayBiked20.00 miles20 mile ride following 8 mile run, averaged around 20 mph
Jul 24, 07 TuesdayRan9.00 milesDid the Tues morning run, around 8 miles, followed this with a 20 mile bike and then a 1 mile run. All of this was around 85% race pace...
Jul 22, 07 SundayBiked24.80 milesDid the MO State 40k TT. Didn't feel very strong, was windy the whole time. Went 1:01:48 for an average speed of 24.13mph.
Jul 19, 07 ThursdayRan3.00 miles3 miles of running following the biking, easy pace...
Jul 19, 07 ThursdayBiked20.00 milesDid a brick at the Thursday intervals. 20 miles of biking going hard for the first half, led most of the way out and then spun easily on the return.
Jul 18, 07 WednesdayRan4.00 milesRan the track workout 2x800, 2x400, and 2x200. Ran 1 of the 400's close to all out, did a 67... total with w/up and c/down was around 4 miles
Jul 17, 07 TuesdayBiked35.00 milesAnother Tuesday evening CBC ride. Rode about 35 miles, pretty moderate pace.
Jul 17, 07 TuesdayRan6.60 milesDid the Tuesday morning run, it was the Dave's Devil run. Made an effort to run this fast, felt strong for the last half and kept the 4 leaders in sight. Averaged about 6:30 pace for this run...
Jul 16, 07 MondaySwam1312 yds1,200 meters of swimming(1,312 yds). 600m warm up, 2x200m race pace, 200m cool down.
Jul 15, 07 SundayBiked40.00 milesNot 100% certain on the distance, but rode to Easley and did 4 repeats with Andy and Ted. Rode down Sapp and then headed back to Columbia...
Jul 14, 07 SaturdayBiked60.00 milesRode with Mark, Rodney, and Ted to Centralia and back. Not certain on the exact distance, but around 60 miles. Averaged 25 mph to Centralia, average fell to 23 with the winds coming back... Good hard workout!
Jul 14, 07 SaturdayRan3.00 milesRun portion of CMC aquathon. Ran it twice, 1.5 mile run, felt pretty good on the first run, a little sluggish on the second 1.5 miles...
Jul 14, 07 SaturdaySwam656 ydsSwim portion of the CMC aquathon. 3 x 200 meters...
Jul 12, 07 ThursdayBiked18.00 milesWent out to McBaine for some interval workouts. 4 times 3 miles with the following averages: 24.6mph 24mph 23.94mph 24.54mph 3 mile warm up and a 3 mile cool down... For a total of 18 miles...
Jul 12, 07 ThursdayBiked18.00 milesWent out to McBaine for some interval workouts. 4 times 3 miles with the following averages: 24.6mph 24mph 23.94mph 24.54mph 3 mile warm up and a 3 mile cool down...
Jul 11, 07 WednesdayRan3.50 milesTrack workout, .75 mile warm up, 4x100 striders, 2x800, 2x600, 2x400, and an 800m relay (our team won...) 800m cool down... Ran several of these (1st 800 & 600) really hard/fast, racing Gavin...
Jul 10, 07 TuesdayBiked25.00 milesBiked with the CBC group. It was raining and I flatted, not the most fun ride. Went around 25 mph at a moderate clip...
Jul 10, 07 TuesdayRan9.50 milesDid the Tuesday morning run, we ran the Drier Dirty Dozen route. Ran this pretty hard, also hit 15mph at one of the electronic speed limit signs. Averaged around 6:50 pace for the run.
Jul 9, 07 MondaySwam1000 ydsSwam 1,000 yards with the main feature being a 31 second 50!
Jul 8, 07 SundayRan0.80 milesDid a fast paced loop around the lake which was a .8 mile loop, ran it at 5:30 pace...
Jul 8, 07 SundayBiked25.00 milesParticipated in a "practice" tri with the St. Louis Tri Club. I helped with the swim, and then did the bike course, 25 hilly miles at a moderate pace.
Jul 7, 07 SaturdayRan13.10 milesRan the Joker's Wild Half Marathon as a pacer. I was one of the 1:45 pace group leaders, which is 8 minutes per mile. Pace felt easy, only real difficulty was the extreme heat. Came in with the clock reading 1:45:15...
Jul 5, 07 ThursdayRan2.00 milesDid a short 2 mile run following the bike. Felt water logged the first half, felt much better the second mile... Probably averaged about 7:30 pace...
Jul 5, 07 ThursdayBiked30.00 milesVery fast paced Thursday night interval ride. Rode to Ashland turn, a little easier pace for part of the ride coming back. Started to lose my aero bar...
Jul 4, 07 WednesdayBiked75.00 milesRode the 100k option with the CMC July 4th group ride. Kept it easy the first 20 or so miles and then I began picking up the pace. Stiff head wind for the last 15 miles or so. Ended with about 75 miles total, wimped out on running after the ride.
Jul 3, 07 TuesdayBiked33.00 milesRode with the CBC Tuesday night group. We went around 33 miles, moderate pace. Won the Pierpont sprint and the finish sprint.
Jul 3, 07 TuesdayRan7.00 milesDid the Tripp 10k with the 5:30am run group. Went fairly hard. Also ran back up the hill on Forum, calling this 7 miles...
Jul 2, 07 MondaySwam1800 yds400 warm up, pyramid (all w/15second rest) 4x50, 3x100, 200, 3x100, 4x50, 200 cool down.
Jul 1, 07 SundayRan5.00 milesDid around a 5 mile run immediately following my long ride.
Jul 1, 07 SundayBiked44.00 miles44 mile loop on the TT bike. Finding it difficult to stay aero for these longer rides, maybe to aggressive for long distance...
Jun 30, 07 SaturdaySwam2296 yds1,000 meters warm up with a pull buoy, 500 meters kicking with fins, 10 x 50 meters on a minute, odds were fast, evens recovery. 100 meters cool down...
Jun 29, 07 FridaySwam800 yds800 yards of swimming. All drills with maybe 150 of regular freestyle mixed in. Finished with a 33 second 50...
Jun 29, 07 FridayRan2.00 miles2 mile run on the treadmill as a warm up before swimming.
Jun 28, 07 ThursdaySwam1300 ydsDove in and started with a timed 200, 2:54. Did 4 more, 2:45, 2:48, 2:47, and 2:53. Then did 200 kick with fins and cooled down with 100 free w/fins.
Jun 27, 07 WednesdayRan4.50 milesWednesday night track workout. Ran there for my warm up, a little over 1 mile. Workout was 3 minutes out at 5k pace, 3 minutes back. 2 minutes out at 5k pace, 2 minutes back. 1 minute out at 1 mile pace, 1 minute back. All this had 1 minute rest between each out & back and 2 minutes between each change in time... Cooled down running home...
Jun 26, 07 TuesdayBiked39.00 milesTuesday night ride, rode what they call "the rockstar" loop...
Jun 26, 07 TuesdaySwam1000 yds100 warm up followed by 9 x 100 on 2:00. Was coming in around 1:26 average...
Jun 26, 07 TuesdayRan7.60 milesRan the President's hill loop. Ran easy for the first 2 miles and then pushed the pace the last 5.6 miles.
Jun 25, 07 MondayBiked30.00 miles30 more miles of biking to keep working on the aero position.
Jun 25, 07 MondaySwam1000 yds400 warm up, 300 kick, 300 easy/cool down
Jun 23, 07 SaturdayRan3.40 milesRan the run by myself, had no "rabbit" to chase, one of my slower runs in a race this year.
Jun 23, 07 SaturdayBiked18.70 milesBiked this all out trying to catch the lead cyclist. Averaged 22.4 on a very hilly & technical course, probably a little worn out from the previous day's ride...
Jun 23, 07 SaturdaySwam550 ydsSwim portion of Octomax. Swam this hard and was about 5th out of the water. Passed several people running up the hill to transition which gave me the third best swim split.
Jun 22, 07 FridayBiked12.00 milesRode the Innsbrook portion of the Octomax bike course. In hind sight I probably biked it too fast/hard...
Jun 21, 07 ThursdaySwam800 yds500 warm up, 5x50 fast, 50 cool down.
Jun 21, 07 ThursdayRan4.00 miles4 easy miles on the trail, taking it easy because Octomax is this weekend...
Jun 20, 07 WednesdayRan6.00 milesWednesday night track workout, ran about 6 miles total with the warm up run there and back...
Jun 19, 07 TuesdayBiked30.00 milesHeaded out on the TT bike to try and get used to my more aggressive position. Rode about 30 miles trying to stay in the aero bars as much as possible.
Jun 19, 07 TuesdaySwam850 yds500 yards steady swimming to warm up. Kicked 200 yards with fins. Did another 100 yards swimming with fins, then 50 yards cool down without. Short workout, getting my shoulder re-introduced slowly.
Jun 19, 07 TuesdayRan7.20 milesRan with the Tuesday 5:30am group. We did Jaira's Jaunt which is a fairly hilly course. After covering the first two mile in 8:30 pace, ended up running 7:20 pace for the whole run, so I was probably running 6:50s most of the run.
Jun 17, 07 SundayRan4.80 milesRun portion of Rec Plex. Averaged 6:18 per mile which is my best pace in a triathlon times since my injuries.
Jun 17, 07 SundayBiked21.00 milesBike portion of Rec Plex. I had lowered my aero bars by 5 cm the day before the race so I was a little worried but my time was good. Going to have to get used to the position though as my neck and shoulder were sore...
Jun 17, 07 SundaySwam571 yds500 meter(571 converted to yards + width) swim portion of Rec Plex. I was concerned my shoulder might not be able to handle the swim but it felt fine after the first 100 meters or so. Ended up having a really good swim for me, 1:29 pace per 100yds.
Jun 16, 07 SaturdayRan3.00 milesEasy 3mile run with Nikki.
Jun 14, 07 ThursdayBiked15.00 milesDrove to McBaine Flats. Did a 3 mile warm up and then 3 x 3miles all out. This was on my TT bike with disc wheel and trispoke: #1 7:13 24.94mph #2 7:20 24.54mph #3 7:26 24.22mph 3 mile cool down...
Jun 13, 07 WednesdayRan1.50 milesBrief 1.5 mile run following hill repeats on the bike. Ran fast for the last .75 miles.
Jun 13, 07 WednesdayBiked25.00 milesRode out to Old Plank from Twin Lakes. Did 4.5 repeats on them, kept the pace on the repeats tough and went all out on the 4th.
Jun 12, 07 TuesdayBiked30.00 milesRode out to the Tuesday loop. After doing that a few times, a group of about 8 of us left and rode Big Tree Loop.
Jun 12, 07 TuesdaySwam200 ydsTried swimming to see how the shoulder would do at Rec Plex. Started hurting in first 25 yards, called it a day after 200 yards. Not going to try swimming again until race day!
Jun 12, 07 TuesdayRan6.60 milesRan with the Tues am group. Went out with the lead group, ran around 6:00 pace for the first 2.5 miles and then fell off the pace.
Jun 10, 07 SundayRan4.50 milesRan with Nikki in Queeny park. Moderate paced run with quite a few hills, felt rough at first but after warming up felt a lot better.
Jun 9, 07 SaturdayRan0.01 milesWas planning on doing Sedalia Duathlon. Got up to leave but left shoulder was too sore to even get in an aero tuck. Went back to bed...
Jun 7, 07 ThursdayRan2.00 milesDid a 2 mile run following the ride. Did this with Ryan Moeller, we probably did 6:40 pace or so...
Jun 7, 07 ThursdayBiked30.00 miles30 hard and fast miles with the Thursday night interval group, averaged 19 mph out into the wind, brought average up to 24 mph by end of ride.
Jun 6, 07 WednesdayBiked30.00 milesRode out to Glasgow Hill and did 14 repeats on it.
Jun 5, 07 TuesdayBiked30.00 milesHard and fast ride with the Tuesday night CBC guys.
Jun 2, 07 SaturdayRan13.10 milesFell apart on this run, combination of poor nutrition intake and lack of fitness.
Jun 2, 07 SaturdayBiked56.00 milesRode this at a controlled pace trying to save a little for the run. 2:38:17 or a 21.2 mph average...
Jun 2, 07 SaturdaySwam2112 yds1.2 mile swim of the Deuceman 1/2 Iron Race. Kept the pace reasonable due to the high altitude of 6,000+ feet.
May 31, 07 ThursdaySwam1000 ydsAbout 1,000 yards or so of open water swimming. Joined a couple of other triathletes I had met for their swim...
May 31, 07 ThursdayRan5.00 milesAround 5 miles of easy running at the campgrounds and race site. Kept everything easy and relaxed.
May 30, 07 WednesdaySwam500 ydsFirst workout of any kind following drive to AZ. Did about 500 yards easy swimming in the lake.
May 28, 07 MondayRan5.00 miles5 mile run following long swim. Felt good, was running around 7 minute pace and felt very comfortable.
May 28, 07 MondaySwam2000 ydsLong open water swim at Finger Lakes. Probably around 1.2 miles, calling it 2,000 yards total.
May 26, 07 SaturdayRan1.50 miles1.5 mile run immediately following my long ride. Felt pretty good on the run, ran about 6:30 pace comfortably.
May 26, 07 SaturdayBiked44.00 miles44 mile bike ride on my Tri bike. Rode this with Ted Zderic, did the Ashland loop. Very humid day and pretty windy. Averaged 19mph which was difficult with all the hills and wind. Felt tired and made me realize how tough the Half will be next weekend.
May 24, 07 ThursdayBiked25.00 milesBiked out to the Thrusday TT, rode hard for part of it with the A group, then rode back easy with Nikki.
May 24, 07 ThursdayRan5.00 miles3k time trial on the track with my coach Jose Miranda present. Did about a 1.5 mile warm up with Jose then did some stretches and some striders. For the first mile of the 3k Jose paced me, the goal was to run 81" 400's. We did this and came through the mile in 5:24 but I was really hurting. Once he stepped off I slowed way down on the following lap and he jumped back in and paced me again. Finished with a 10:21 total time, the final .86 miles I had slowed to 5:44 per mile pace. Cooled down with about half a mile cool down.
May 23, 07 WednesdayRan4.00 milesEasy 4 mile run. Ran with the Wednesday track night group, just ran easy though while they ran a workout.
May 22, 07 TuesdaySwam1500 ydsSwam around 1500 yards, mostly easy stuff.
May 22, 07 TuesdayRan6.60 milesEasy 6.6 mile recovery run after my long run on Monday, felt better than I thought I would.
May 21, 07 MondayRan13.50 miles13.5 mile long run since I missed my long run on Sunday. First two miles were slow as I was warming up, 8:30's. The rest of them were 7:15 - 7:30, total of 7:34 average pace. Felt good the whole run, didn't stop once.
May 20, 07 SundayRan3.10 milesRun portion of a triathlon. 4th fastest time of the race, 6:27 per mile pace. I know I can run faster, probably a little tired from training plus stomach felt a little gaseous.
May 20, 07 SundayBiked13.00 milesBike portion of a triathlon. 5th fastest bike split, averaged 22 mph. Felt ok, but I don't feel I'm as fast as I should/could be.
May 20, 07 SundaySwam440 ydsSwim portion of a triathlon, I was 6th out of the water, felt good in the swim. Had a horrible time getting my wetsuit off, have to work on that!
May 19, 07 SaturdayRan3.50 milesPlanned on doing two short recovery runs today but ended up only getting in one for 3.5 miles on the day, easy run, about 8:00 pace.
May 18, 07 FridayRan7.00 milesWas planning on running 8 or 9 miles but ended up only doing 7 easy recovery miles. Stopped a few times and walked, feeling pretty tired.
May 17, 07 ThursdayBiked20.00 milesVery fast paced Thursday TT. Got dropped on both the ride out and back so did most of this solo, hard effort on the bike.
May 17, 07 ThursdayRan5.50 miles3.5 mile run before Thursday night TT with an additional 2 miles of running after the ride. Most of this running was around 7:00 - 7:30 pace.
May 17, 07 ThursdaySwam1859 yds1500 meters straight with fins and padels. Used fins minimally, just to keep from using pull bouy. 200 meters without either to end the workout.
May 17, 07 ThursdayRan6.00 milesThursday morning run with the group. Easy run west on the trail, everyone else was doing fartleks, I did my own easy paced run.
May 16, 07 WednesdayBiked15.00 milesRode with the Wed. night hill group to Glasgow hill and did two repeats. Would have done more but I got a call from my parents who had stopped on their way through town. Cut wokout short to go meet them...
May 16, 07 WednesdayRan3.00 miles3 mile easy run over lunch at work. Wasn't sure when I would be able to workout, glad I did this when I did!
May 15, 07 TuesdayRan6.00 milesTough workout. Full from dinner, gotta work on my nutrition scheduling. Warmed up to track, once on track I did 2 x 1.5 miles trying to average 6:00 pace with 2:00 rest in between. First one felt bad/sluggish and took 9:26.81. Felt better for the second one and did it in 8:59! Cool down running home...
May 15, 07 TuesdaySwam1640 ydsNice long swim. 1,000 yards warm up, mostly with fins and some with paddles. 10 x 50 first 6 with fins, last 4 without, all on 1:00.
May 14, 07 MondayRan5.00 milesEasy 5 mile run, ran with Nikki. Counted steps at one point for a minute, got 89 of one foot so a cadence of 178.
May 13, 07 SundayRan13.00 milesLong run, averaged 7:40 pace for the whole thing. During the last few miles Ted and I did 4 3 minute fartleks, 3 min fast followed by 1 minute of walking. Nice long workout, also worked on form some.
May 12, 07 SaturdayRan8.00 miles8 mile run at Rockbridge with Ted Zderic immediately following our Easley hill repeats. 1,800 feet of climbing, on a trail and we averaged around 7 - 7:30 pace so this was a tough workout.
May 12, 07 SaturdayBiked27.00 milesRode out to Easley and did 10 hill repeats up Easley for a total of 3,200 feet of climbing and a total of 27 miles of biking.
May 10, 07 ThursdayRan6.00 miles7:52 pace for a six mile recovery run
May 9, 07 WednesdayBiked31.54 milesReally tough ride but not fast, just a lot of tough hills. 2,180 feet of climbing...
May 9, 07 WednesdayRan2.84 miles8:52 pace run, easy recovery run...
May 8, 07 TuesdayRan1.25 milesFast paced run immediately following ride. Averaged 6:00 pace for 1.25 mile loop with hill up Ashland...
May 8, 07 TuesdayBiked25.30 milesTough and hilly loop. Average 18.3 for this ride which when considering the climbs plus stops was a fairly fast ride.
May 8, 07 TuesdayRan7.22 milesAfter having a bad run in RFS I felt like running hard/fast. This is a tough and hilly run, average 6:51 pace for the whole run including the warm up + the 1000 feet of elevation gain.
May 6, 07 SundayRan3.00 milesRun portion of RFS...
May 6, 07 SundayBiked15.00 milesBike portion of RFS...
May 6, 07 SundaySwam571 ydsSwim portion of RFS + 100 meters warming up...
May 5, 07 SaturdayRan5.00 miles5 mile easy run with 2 x 30s fast paced/striders.
May 4, 07 FridayRan5.00 miles5 mile easy run. Ran part of the RFS run course again as well...
May 4, 07 FridaySwam900 yds900 yards or so of easy swimming, same thing as the day before.
May 3, 07 ThursdaySwam800 yds800 yards or so of easy swimming, working primarily on drills and getting more on my sides while swimming.
May 2, 07 WednesdayRan6.00 milesRan to track nite for a warm up. Did 4x100 striders, 3x600 (comfortable, around 6 - 6:30 pace) and then left and ran the RFS course at an easy pace. Around 6 miles total.
May 1, 07 TuesdaySwam1000 yds1000 yards of swimming, still mostly working on drills, getting on side more...
May 1, 07 TuesdayRan8.19 milesFairly long run of 8.19 miles. Three difficult/long hills didn't make it any easier. Kept it fairly easy, Aer b pace...
Apr 30, 07 MondayRan4.00 milesWas planning on running 5 miles but was feeling pretty worn out and only got in 4 miles. Easy pace...
Apr 29, 07 SundayRan10.00 milesWent 13 miles total but only ran 10 of them. Ran 6.5 miles out on MKT trail, turned around walked about 2 miles, ran more for a total of about 10 miles of running and 3 of walking...
Apr 28, 07 SaturdayRan6.50 miles6.5 more miles of running at Rockbridge state park. Nikki wanted a running partner so we went out there for a run.
Apr 28, 07 SaturdaySwam2000 yds2000 yards of swimming, mostly drills along with practicing flip turns under the lane ropes.
Apr 28, 07 SaturdayRan8.00 miles8 mile run at Rockbridge state park, lots of hills, felt pretty strong on the hills.
Apr 27, 07 FridayRan7.00 milesSeven mile run in the evening. Felt a little sore from the previous days workouts...
Apr 26, 07 ThursdayBiked18.30 miles18.3 Thursday TT ride. Very fast paced, felt good after adjustments I made to the bike fit.
Apr 26, 07 ThursdayRan2.00 miles1 mile run before the Thursday TT ride followed by 1 mile tempo run after the ride.
Apr 26, 07 ThursdaySwam1000 yds1000 yds of swimming, mostly working on form.
Apr 26, 07 ThursdayRan8.00 miles8 mile run with the Thursday morning group. Easy paced recovery run, went around 8 or 9 minute mile pace for the first 4 or so miles and then picked it up to around 7:30 pace for the last 4 or so miles. Felt good the whole time.
Apr 25, 07 WednesdayRan9.00 milesTrack workout, 2 mile warm up, 4 x 100 striders, 3x800 (2:52, 2:52, 2:39), 2x400 (1:24, 1:14), interval ladder 1min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 5min at interval pace w/90seconds rest between each, 1.5 mile cool down for a total of around 9 miles.
Apr 24, 07 TuesdayBiked15.00 milesIt was raining out side so I was forced to ride inside on the rollers. Wasn't able to bring myself to ride very long inside, about 15 miles. Worked on adjusting my bike to fit better as well.
Apr 24, 07 TuesdaySwam1900 ydsStarted out with a timed 450yd swim, 6:47. 750yds easy. 4x50yds drill, 4x100 on 2:00, 50yds fast, 50 cool down...
Apr 24, 07 TuesdayRan7.00 milesTripp 10k for the Tuesday morning run. Did it in 43 minutes for a 6:56 pace, 7 miles total after cool down.
Apr 23, 07 MondayRan5.00 miles5 mile run from home. Legs were tired so I mostly ran this at a recovery pace.
Apr 22, 07 SundayBiked22.50 milesFairly easy pace ride but with lots of hills. Mostly a recovery ride, really windy. Good ride...
Apr 22, 07 SundayRan12.00 milesFirst 8 miles ran fairly fast for the terrain at Rockbridge. The last 4 miles I took slower as Andy P and Andy E both were done after 8.
Apr 21, 07 SaturdaySwam1300 yds500 yard warm up. 4x50 yrds drill, 2 x 100, 6 x 50yds, 100 yd cool down.
Apr 21, 07 SaturdayBiked7.60 milesShort bike ride but done at anaerobic pace since it was part of the Maxtrax Duathlon.
Apr 21, 07 SaturdayRan4.50 miles3 x 1.5 miles on the Maxtrax Run Course. The first run which was the start of the race I ran at 5:46pace. The second run I ran at 5:55pace. The third time I ran at recovery pace.
Apr 20, 07 FridayRan3.00 milesEasy paced "recovery" run.
Apr 19, 07 ThursdayRan3.50 milesBiked the Thursday TT following a 2 mile run and ended with a 1.5 mile run.
Apr 19, 07 ThursdayBiked18.30 milesBiked the Thursday TT following a 2 mile run and ended with a 1.5 mile run.
Apr 19, 07 ThursdaySwam1093 yds400m warm up. 3 x 100m on 2:30, 2 x 50m on 1:00, 200m cool down
Apr 19, 07 ThursdayRan6.00 milesNice 6 mile run, warmed up for 2 miles and then rolled at what felt like Aer B pace.
Apr 18, 07 WednesdayRan7.25 miles2 mile warm up followed by 4 x 100 striders. 3 x 1 mile (5:52, 5:51, 5:50), 2 mile cool down for a total of 7 miles.
Apr 17, 07 TuesdayRan3.00 miles2 x 1.5 miles on the run course of MaxTrax.
Apr 17, 07 TuesdayBiked15.00 milesDid a brick workout on the Maxtrax Duathlon course. Rode the course twice separated by a run...
Apr 17, 07 TuesdaySwam2000 yds4 x 250 warm up with pull buoy, last one with paddles. 500 kick, 4 X 50 drill, 3x100 on 1:45.
Apr 17, 07 TuesdayRan6.10 milesRan this at what felt like Aer B pace. Felt much better than on Monday! One sprint where I got the school speed sign up to 13mph...
Apr 16, 07 MondayRan5.00 milesReally worn out feeling after yesterdays workouts. Ran this how I felt which included 5 minutes or so of walking... Picked it up a little towards the end when I saw all the smoke coming from close to my apartment and thought it might be on fire.
Apr 15, 07 SundayRan1.25 milesShort fast run immediately after the bike ride to get my legs used to running off the bike. 7:00 per mile pace, a little slow but good enough after a long day!
Apr 15, 07 SundayBiked43.70 milesLong bike ride with a group. Mostly aerobic pace with a few stretches of harder Aerobic B pace, maybe some short stretches going anaerobic.
Apr 15, 07 SundayRan11.00 milesRan for 2hrs with Andy and Jeff. Really muddy and wet. Lots of hills, easy aerobic pace but some tough hills that got heart rate up. Ran the last 1.5 miles at about 6:30 pace, otherwise most of the run was much slower.
Apr 14, 07 SaturdaySwam2187 ydsSwam 2,000 meters. 1,000 meters warm up. 500 meters kick with fins. 3X100, 4x50.
Apr 14, 07 SaturdayRan4.50 milesDid a 1.5 mile warm up and then raced the Jay Dix 5k. It was rainy and cold but once the race started I felt fine. Ran an 18:30 or 5:58 pace.
Apr 13, 07 FridayRan5.00 milesRan the Jay Dix 5k course for a second time this week. Course markings were painted so I was able to ID the turn around point. Ran the course plus an additional 2 miles at a recovery pace, or Aerobic A
Apr 12, 07 ThursdayBiked18.30 milesBrick workout: 2 mile run and a moderate pace, quickly followed by 18.3 at a quick/anaerobic pace, ending with 1 mile at tempo pace running. Workout felt good other than some calf cramping on the bike. I can definitely tell my legs were tired on the bike...
Apr 12, 07 ThursdayRan3.00 milesThis was part of a brick workout. 2 mile run, followed by biking 20 miles, then 1 mile run.
Apr 12, 07 ThursdayRan4.00 milesPlans were to run 5 miles and then swim, but I was tired and laid in bed till 6:30am... Ran 4 miles easy recovery pace, around 7:40 or so as I was tired from last nights track workout/longer run.
Apr 11, 07 WednesdayRan8.00 milesRan a 5 mile loop to the track and met the track group at 5:30pm. Ran 4x100 striders with the group + 4x100 on my own. Then ran 4x600 (?,2:20,2:12,2:12), 1x200 (34), and ended with a mile cool down for a total of 8 miles.
Apr 10, 07 TuesdaySwam1700 yds1,000 yd warm up with pull buoy, 200 yds kick w/fins, 10x50 on 1:00 (avg 41" per 50)
Apr 10, 07 TuesdayRan5.70 milesArrived a little late so I didn't have a leisurely warm up... Averaged around 7:30 pace for this run with maybe some 7:00 or 6:45 mixed in. Felt good for most of the run.
Apr 9, 07 MondayRan5.50 milesRan to the start of the Jay Dix 5k route, ran the route, then ran home. This was a moderate paced run, probably avg 7:30 pace or so.
Apr 8, 07 SundayBiked20.00 miles20 mile recovery paced ride... Good ride, a little windy and hilly...
Apr 8, 07 SundayRan8.00 milesGood long run, average for the whole run was 7:30, however the first 2 miles were slower warm up miles. It is hard to know exact paces throughout the run, however I wore a HR monitor and kept it @145 for the 1st 2miles, @ 160 for the next 4, and then @ 170 for the last 2.
Apr 7, 07 SaturdayRan5.60 milesGood run, ran this at 7:05 pace and felt good while doing it. A little windy and cool though...
Apr 6, 07 FridayRan5.00 milesSupposed to run this 7:00 - 7:30 pace for 6 miles but I didn't feel very well. Legs felt really heavy and I did not feel like running. Ended up going 5 miles but not all of it was really running. Recovery pace with some walking mixed in...
Apr 5, 07 ThursdaySwam1000 yds500 yard warm up followed by 5 x 100 on 2:00, 800 of the total yards were with the pull buoy.
Apr 5, 07 ThursdayRan5.00 milesWarm up run to the golf course and then three repeats a big hill, then a cool down run back to the car. Ran this at a recovery pace.
Apr 5, 07 ThursdayBiked33.00 milesAnother Thursday night time trial ride... rode out to the meeting spot, nice 10 mile warm up. This was the first Thursday night of the season where I went hard. Good ride, felt strong... pushed the pace a few times.
Apr 4, 07 WednesdayRan6.00 milesTwo mile warm up to track and around the track. 1,200m at 6:00 pace followed by 5 X 400 at 6:00 pace. 2 mile cool down on the track and running back home.
Apr 3, 07 TuesdayBiked40.30 milesVery fast paced ride. Supposedly a "warm up pace" to the airport, however, we were cruising. Once on the airport loop, I stayed on for one lap, got dropped, but kept the lead 4 guys in sight. Caught back before the end of the second lap. Very windy ride!
Apr 3, 07 TuesdaySwam1000 yds1,000 yard swim. This was a continuous swim with the pull buoy. This is the start of me getting serious with the swim. Starting out easy and increasing the yards.
Apr 3, 07 TuesdayRan5.10 milesRan the B route this morning of the Tripp 10k route. Kept my pace in the Aer B range, or 7:00 to 7:30 pace.
Apr 2, 07 MondayRan5.50 milesRan twice, once early, went around 2.5 miles. Then I ran 3 miles in the evening. All of it was easy/recovery pace.
Apr 1, 07 SundayBiked47.50 milesLong and very windy ride. Did a modified Ashland Route with lots of hills (a jaunt down Easley Hill thrown in for fun). Rode with Derek and Ted. Good long ride, could have done without the wind!
Mar 31, 07 SaturdayRan10.00 milesLong run with Derek out at Rockbridge. Kept it aerobic, conversational pace. Good run.
Mar 30, 07 FridayRan3.00 milesEasy run with Nikki.
Mar 29, 07 ThursdayBiked33.00 milesNot the typical Thursday TT, relatively easy pace, first time out for the group...
Mar 28, 07 WednesdayRan2.10 milesEasy two mile run this morning, strictly a recovery run after yesterdays tempo 7 miler.
Mar 27, 07 TuesdayRan7.10 milesTuesday morning 5:30am group run. Arrived 5 minutes late so I had to run fast to catch the group. Caught them sooner than I thought I would, probably went too hard to quick. Ran with the front few, dropped off some on the first hill, but kept the distance close. Felt good for the most part, a little sluggish up hills.
Mar 27, 07 TuesdaySwam1000 ydsFirst swim in a while! Did a 500 pull with the buoy. Then did 5 x 100 on 2:00, every other without the buoy. The two w/out, I timed and did a 1:25 & 1:21.
Mar 26, 07 MondayRan3.40 milesRecovery run with Nikki. About a 7:30 or so pace with a few walking breaks.
Mar 25, 07 SundayRan9.50 milesRan the Sunday noon run with Mark & Amy L., Mark V., and James. Kept this pretty comfortable, ran some nice hills. Mostly conversational pace with 5 - 10 minutes of harder pace when James and I ran ahead. Probably averaged around 7:30 pace.
Mar 24, 07 SaturdayRan1.50 milesRun portion of the "Exhibition Duathlon". Led the first run, ran 5:21 pace. Dropped down to @ 6:00 pace for the next two runs. 1.5 miles of high intensity running...
Mar 24, 07 SaturdayBiked5.00 milesBike portion of "exhibition duathlon". Ted Zderic, Bryan Topash, and myself did a mini duathlon at the Spring Fling Duathlon. It was a 2.55 mile loop on the bike that we did twice along with a .5 mile run we did 3 times. Very anaerobic...
Mar 22, 07 ThursdayBiked23.00 milesNice ride after work. Kept it at a comfortable pace, working on spinning and form more than strength. Still don't have many miles on the bike this year, feels good to finally be back outside!
Mar 22, 07 ThursdayRan8.00 milesRan this pretty controlled, about 7:15 pace for most of the run with a few sections run faster at about 6:45 or so pace. Mostly a recovery type run.
Mar 21, 07 WednesdayRan5.50 milesWarmed up running to track night. 4x600 - 2:03, 1:59, 2:04, & 2:07. Followed by 2x200 - 31.76 & 37.93. Trying to keep my track workouts around 5 minute mile pace for the sub 5 minute mile I'm going to run soon. Cooled down running home for a total of about 5.5 miles.
Mar 20, 07 TuesdayRan6.60 milesRan this pretty steady, moderate pace. Felt good, a little sore from yesterday's workout.
Mar 19, 07 MondayRan5.00 milesRan to base of "The Wall", ran it 5 times. Then ran to base of President's hill ran up it and back home...
Mar 18, 07 SundayBiked33.00 milesRode the Froze Toes loop. Really windy, tough ride!
Mar 17, 07 SaturdayRan3.10 milesDid the K'ville St. Patty's 5k. Course was a little short, ran a 17:40. Not as fast as I should have run it, but not bad for this time of the year.
Mar 15, 07 ThursdayBiked33.00 milesSupposed to be the first night of Thursday Time Trials. Rode from home, figured I would run into some of the other riders. It would seem no one else went out. Got dark on the ride...
Mar 14, 07 WednesdayRan5.00 milesRan to track nite. Did the track workout plus a timed mile. Not 100%, but ran about a 5:15 mile. Tougher than I thought it would be...
Mar 13, 07 TuesdayBiked12.00 milesWent out to Cosmo park and rode the mtn. bike trails for about an hour. Guessing I biked around 12 miles, maybe a little less, but 12 sounds good.
Mar 12, 07 MondayBiked5.00 milesMtn. bike on some off road in Grindstone PK. Not real long but some tough hills, calling it 5 miles.
Mar 12, 07 MondayRan6.60 milesRan this hard but not quite tempo. 7:15 pace...
Mar 11, 07 SundayBiked33.00 milesThis was a pretty hard/fast ride, big duel with Mark L. for a sprint, plus some other high speed segments.
Mar 10, 07 SaturdayRan2.50 milesSupposedly this was a 2 mile run, but I think it was more like 2.5. Ran this hard, did a belly flop, fun run, but hard.
Mar 8, 07 ThursdayRan6.50 milesRoute was to the mulch pile. However, I did track nite last night so I just went easy this morning.
Mar 6, 07 TuesdaySwam1000 yds1,000 yards, no pull buoy this time!
Mar 6, 07 TuesdayRan10.00 miles7.6 - Ran this at a tempo pace, caught up to most of the front runners, felt pretty good.
Mar 5, 07 MondaySwam1000 yds1,000 yard swim, steady swim with the pull buoy.
Mar 5, 07 MondayRan2.00 miles7:30min pace, felt good.
Mar 4, 07 SundayBiked34.00 milesRode out to Two Mile Prairie School to volunteer for Froze Toes. Cold and windy but a good ride.
Mar 3, 07 SaturdayBiked10.00 miles30 minutes avg. 20mph on the stationary bike.
Mar 3, 07 SaturdayRan4.00 miles2x 2mile run with 30 minute bike in between. Nice workout but tough to do inside. Nicer weather next week!
Feb 27, 07 TuesdayRan7.10 milesPretty good run. Ran with the Tuesday morning group. Fast pace, got dropped about 4 miles in.
Feb 26, 07 MondayRan5.80 milesRan twice, once over lunch and another 3 miles after work.
Feb 18, 07 SundayRan12.00 milesLong run in 3 - 4 inches of snow at RB. Enjoyable run, however my Achilles hurt some. Probably need to stay off of hills for a few days.
Feb 17, 07 SaturdayBiked7.00 milesRode for 30 minutes on the bike following the run on the treadmill. Watched the basketball game and talked with Ted.
Feb 17, 07 SaturdayRan4.00 miles4 mile run on the treadmill. Hopefully this is the last treadmill run for a while!
Feb 13, 07 TuesdaySwam1000 yds 
Feb 13, 07 TuesdayRan7.00 miles2m run/ .5 walk/2m run/.5 walk/2m run.
Feb 12, 07 MondayRan3.60 milesIt was raining and about 38. Once I actually got out and started running it didn't feel too bad. Kept a pretty hard pace, run felt good.
Feb 11, 07 SundayRan8.00 milesStill a lot of ice on the trails. Wore my cross country shoes for this run. Really enjoyable run, wish I had the time to run longer.
Feb 6, 07 TuesdayBiked3.00 miles 
Feb 6, 07 TuesdayRan4.25 miles2 mile intervals at 8mph followed by 10 minutes on the bike.
Feb 4, 07 SundayRan5.00 milesCold and very miserable. Ran on the trail to President's Hill and ran up it and back. Can't wait for the ice to melt!!
Feb 3, 07 SaturdayRan4.00 miles8 degrees with strong wind... Full race report at
Feb 2, 07 FridayRan4.25 milesWent 1/2 mile easy followed by 1/2 mile at 10mph 4x's.
Feb 1, 07 ThursdayRan6.00 milesDon't really remember what I did for a workout on this day... :(
Jan 31, 07 WednesdaySwam1000 yds1,000 easy yards, all with the pull buoy.
Jan 31, 07 WednesdayRan9.00 miles3 x 3miles on the treadmill. Mostly run at about 8 minute mile pace.
Jan 30, 07 TuesdaySwam1000 yds1,000 easy yards. Mostly done with the pull buoy. Wore running shorts, kept on wanting to fall down.
Jan 30, 07 TuesdayRan6.00 miles6 miles on the treadmill.
Jan 29, 07 MondaySwam2400 yds500 warm up, 500 kick, 8 x 25 on 30", 4 x 50 on 1', 2 x 100 on 2', 4 x 50 on 1', 8 x 25 on 30", 400 cool down.
Jan 29, 07 MondayRan3.00 milesWanted to run more like 6 or 7, but once again the gym was too crowded to run more than 30 minutes.
Jan 28, 07 SundayRan7.25 milesWas planning on running on the trails, but they are still too icy. Ran on the treadmill, 3 miles, stopped to use the bathroom, then 4.25 more miles.
Jan 26, 07 FridaySwam2000 ydsDid most of the Friday swim workout, shoulder feels much better, was coming in on 1:23s on 100s.
Jan 26, 07 FridayRan10.00 milesRan on the trail to Tryathletics, really slushy on the trail, hard to run. Ran straight back on Stadium home.
Jan 24, 07 WednesdayRan6.00 milesWent out for this but didn't really feel like running much. Went to Stephen's park and it was icy so I walked a lot of that section. Had a decent run on the way back.
Jan 23, 07 TuesdaySwam1500 ydsShoulder was still hurting so I did a Swam after doing the morning run. Good swim, did 10 x 50 all under 40"
Jan 23, 07 TuesdayRan9.25 milesDid the Tuesday morning run, the Tripp 10k. Then I ran an additional 3 miles on the treadmill in the afternoon.
Jan 22, 07 MondayBiked4.00 miles2 x 10 minute sessions in between running on the treadmill.
Jan 22, 07 MondayRan7.00 miles3x's running on the treadmill. 2 x 2miles on the treadmill and the third time I did 3 miles. Ran all 7 miles at around 8:00 pace.
Jan 19, 07 FridayBiked10.00 milesWas planning on doing a brick but the rec was too crowded. Did a few miles on the bike, then ran two, and then biked some more.
Jan 19, 07 FridaySwam1000 ydsShoulder was still hurting so I did a really easy 1,000 yard swim with the pull buoy.
Jan 19, 07 FridayRan2.00 miles2 miles running on the treadmill after a short bike. Did 7:30 miles...
Jan 18, 07 ThursdayRan8.00 milesThe trails were covered with 2 inches of ice and some snow so I had to take it easy. Fell two times but for the most part it was a nice run. Walked around the five mile mark for about 5 minutes. Nice run though, felt good.
Jan 17, 07 WednesdayRan4.00 miles 
Jan 16, 07 TuesdayRan7.00 miles7 miles on the treadmill. Would run 2, walk 1/2, so technically ran 6 miles total with 1 mile walking. Plus the walk to the Rec.
Jan 15, 07 MondayRan7.00 milesGood run, base miles. Easy pace, first 30 minutes went by real fast, talking with Pat Brown.
Jan 14, 07 SundayBiked11.00 milesInside easy ride on the trainer. Watched Tour de France
Jan 13, 07 SaturdayRan9.00 milesThere was ice and snow on the ground, the footing wasn't the best. Plus the temps were around 20. Bundled up and ran this at a fairly easy pace, probably around 8 min pace.
Jan 11, 07 ThursdaySwam1400 yds 
Jan 11, 07 ThursdayRan8.00 milesKept this at a steady pace, running with Menash. Maybe went a little hard, but mostly around 7min pace.
Jan 9, 07 TuesdaySwam1200 yds 
Jan 9, 07 TuesdayRan9.50 miles 
Jan 8, 07 MondayRan2.50 miles 
Jan 7, 07 SundayRan9.00 miles 
Jan 6, 07 SaturdayRan6.20 miles 
Jan 5, 07 FridaySwam2050 yds 
Jan 5, 07 FridayRan2.50 miles 
Jan 4, 07 ThursdaySwam1700 yds 
Jan 4, 07 ThursdayRan7.60 miles 
Jan 3, 07 WednesdayRan3.50 miles 
Jan 2, 07 TuesdaySwam1500 yds 
Jan 2, 07 TuesdayRan7.60 miles 
Jan 1, 07 MondayRan5.50 miles