01 September

Getting jaw wired shut...

Wow, what a suprise! I went in this week for a follow-up with Dr. Andrews to find out how my facial nerves are recovering from the surgery to repair my fractured mandibular condyle (click here to read/see about original accident). Instead of hearing how well everything was going, I hear that I've somehow managed to break the titanium plate that was holding my jaw together... This was the first time he's ever seen anyone do this! According to him it must be "my naturally occuring high levels of testosterone" and then he said I'll be okay as long as "I keep my ratio of epistosterone to testosterone within the legal limit...". So, back to a liquid diet, this time strictly liquids for at least four weeks. Needless to say, this has thrown a wrench into my "upcoming events" schedule.

posted at 05:34:28 on 09/01/06 by Tony Rigdon - Category: General


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