15 April

Mega Training Day...

I'm sitting here at the Laundromat fighting to stay awake as I wait for my clothes to dry. Not only am I sleepy tired, I'm just plain worn out as well. I started the day out at 8am running for 2 hours at Rockbridge state park. Most of this run was "aerobic paced" which basically means I could comfortably hold a conversation while running at this pace. Since I was running with Andy Pele and Jeff Wells we did just that for most of the run. It was only in the last mile and a half that I intentionally went hard and ran at about 6 minute pace for the last section. At the end of our run we had covered 11 wet and muddy miles.

After returning home I had just enough time to grab a bite to eat, perform some last minute adjustments on my bike, and then head out the door for a 43 mile bike ride. The majority of this ride was also spent at "aerobic" pace with only a few segments of tougher efforts mixed in. I also threw in a few dismount and running mount practices into the mix at several different stop signs.

Finally, immediately upon returning home I headed out the door for a quick 1.25 mile run as fast as I could muster at this point. That turned out to be 7 minute mile pace. All in all a tough day of training for this early in the season, but one that will hopefully pay back dividends in the near future.
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